About Us

We inspire you to go out there and experience something truly mesmerizing. Our mission and vision is to make you happy. That's what we really do!

WeAreHolidays is a young start up in the online leisure travel space. We're working on an engaging online platform to help people get inspired, research, plan, book and share their holidays. We came into existence in early 2011; the founding team has prior work experience with the largest OTA (Online Travel Agent) in India - MakeMyTrip.com. The founding team includes Engineers (from IIT & other reputed institutes), Management graduates (from IIM & other reputed institutes) and experienced folks from the Travel industry.

At WeAreHolidays, we understand that booking your travel/holiday is just a small piece in the entire holiday lifecycle. Your holiday doesn't start nor ends with the booking. Booking is just a step along the way and we treat it the same way. We inspire you to discover where you could go and things you could do. We help you research for your holiday and all associated things. We play the role of your holiday planner to plan out your holiday down to the smallest possible detail. We book your holiday and take care of any associated formalities (like visas / insurance / SIM / Data Cards etc.). And we're there in the background while you're out there holidaying to ensure things don't go wrong and if they ever do, we're always there to set them straight in no time. And we're there to receive you back when you return and listen to what you have to tell us of the experience.

Travel inspiration, research, planning, booking etc. after all is no rocket science. It is more art than science.

We are a young company, but in no way young in terms of the cumulative experience we have on board to help you plan that perfect holiday getaway. We are like you in a lot of ways. We work hard for a living and think twice before we spend a single rupee of our hard earned money. We like people to pay attention to us and respect our time. We expect others to deliver on their promises when we buy something without having to follow up and call them a dozen times. We find joy with our family and friends and like to spend quality time with them. We're sure you would also want similar things for yourself and we realize and respect the same. Do try us. We're sure we'll be able to do something to make you smile today :-)