Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for holiday itineraries or packages?

You can search for holiday itineraries or packages by specifying a destination name you would want to visit or explore. A destination could be a city, state, country, region or even a landmark or monument. Alternatively, if you want to stay in particular hotel you can search for holiday packages which include that hotel by specifying the hotel name. You can also use a combination of the hotel name and destination.

Why do you ask me to share so many details and preferences?

To be able to plan a personalized holiday itinerary for you, which means the ability to consider and recommend destinations you should visit, optimal travel arrangements, places you should stay at (your accommodation), activities & things to do, places to see, transfers, meals, etc. we need to know your likes / dislikes, preferences, who you would be travelling with, occasion for travel, the time you have for the holiday, the approximate budget you have, etc. The more information you share, the more personalized and relevant the recommendations would be.

What do you mean by Holiday Planning?

It means to create your personalized day by day holiday itinerary which includes the destinations you would visit, your travel arrangements, your accommodation, activities & things to do, places to see, transfers, meals, travel insurance (if applicable), visa guidance (if applicable) et al. We create your personalized itinerary after considering your preferences, likes & dislikes, who all will be travelling with you, your past travel history, time you have at hand, your budget, any special occasion when you want to undertake the trip, special requests etc. More than that, we act as your friend, guide and advisor to help you with your holiday.

How do you plan my holiday?

We leverage a proprietary advanced holiday recommendation platform to put together your holiday itinerary. As soon as you share your preferences, our system gets to work. Additionally, we have a team of highly experienced holiday planners who are at hand to assist and fine tune your itinerary to your tastes.

What if I don't like the holiday you plan?

We're pretty confident of the holidays we plan. At the same time we want you to be 100% satisfied with the itineraries we create for you. To ensure the same, we encourage you to pay us the Planning Fee only after you receive the first cut of your personalized holiday itinerary.

Why do you ask me to sign in with my Facebook and/or Twitter account?

Our past experience shows that by signing up through Facebook and Twitter, the quality and accuracy of your recommendations improve substantially. Do note that we do not post or tweet anything on your behalf. This sign up and the permission to access specific data are only used to improve the quality of the holiday recommendations we generate.

How is planning different from booking a holiday?

You can only book your holiday if you first finalize where you would be going, what you would do there, where you would stay, etc. We help you plan your itinerary.

Am I required to book my holiday with WeAreHolidays?

Absolutely not. Our Holiday Planning service is completely independent of our Holiday Booking service. You are under no obligation to book with us and may book wherever you feel comfortable booking.

How do I book my holiday, if I want to?

In case you want us to book your holiday itinerary, simply let your Holiday Planner know. He would ensure our Operations team assists you with all necessary bookings. Alternatively, you can also book the same online.

Why do you charge a Booking Fee if I am booking a package through you?

We believe in absolute transparency. We do not believe in opaque pricing or any hidden fees. We transparently break out the cost of all the components of your package including our Booking Fee. This marginal fee helps cover the operational cost of your bookings, post sales support and service costs. But more importantly it helps us remain transparent and neutral in our dealings.

Why do you charge different fees for different countries and durations?

The complexity of the holiday itinerary varies across different countries and geographies. Planning, operationally managing and servicing a holiday to Kerala is much simpler than the one to see Northern Lights in Northern Europe or La Tomatina in Spain. Similarly, the complexity varies depending on the duration of your holiday. Planning and servicing a weekend getaway for 2 nights is much simpler than a 14 day honeymoon.

Can I plan multiple holiday itineraries at the same time? Will I be charged extra?

Sure, plan multiple itineraries without paying multiple times. If required, we will share different variants of your itinerary as per your requirements as long as the destinations (the country or state you wish to travel to) remains same (minor additions / deletions are natural and allowed). However, substantial changes in destinations (which include different countries or states) would constitute a new holiday itinerary, for which we encourage you to pre pay and buy a new Holiday Planning plan. Check with your Holiday Planner for more details.

What if I change my holiday plans? Will you plan another holiday itinerary?

As long as it's the same trip, we'll accommodate all changes unless your Itinerary has been already finalized or closed or your spread of destinations changes substantially

How do I pay the fees?

We offer multiple payment options to conveniently pay for you booking. You could opt to pay by:

1. Credit Card (Master Card, Visa, American Express or JCB)
2. Debit Cards (Maestro or Visa)
3. Net Banking
4. Cash Pick Up (available in select cities)
5. Account to Account Transfer (NEFT / RTGS) 6. Cheque / Demand Draft

We are constantly working to expand this list. Do check back for updated info from time to time.

What banks do you support for Net Banking?

We currently support the below banks:
1. Allahabad Bank
2. Axis Bank
3. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait
4. Bank of Baroda
5. Bank of India
6. Bank of Maharashtra
7. Citi Bank
9. Corporation Bank
10. Deutsche Bank
11. Development Credit Bank
12. Dhanlaxmi Bank
13. Federal Bank
14. HDFC Bank
15. ICICI Bank
16. IDBI Bank
17. Indian Bank
18. Indian Overseas Bank
19. ING Vysya Bank
20. J and K Bank
21. Karnataka Bank
22. Karur Vysys Bank
23. Oriental Bank of Commerce
24. South Indian Bank
25. Standard Chartered Bank
26. State Bank of Hyderabad
27. State Bank of India
28. State Bank of Mysore
29. State Bank of Travencore
30. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
31. Union Bank of India
32. United Bank of India
33. Vijaya Bank
34. Yes Bank

We are constantly working to expand this list. Do check back for updated info from time to time.

While seeing the holiday packages online, I saw Departure City. What do you mean by Departure City?

Departure City means the city from which you would be departing for your holiday destination. For example, if you are planning a holiday in Singapore, would you be leaving from New Delhi or Mumbai? Depending on the city, the price may vary as well as the mode.

For cities which do not have direct flights to your destination, you would first need to reach the nearest such city which provides a direct flight connection. For example, for someone departing to Singapore from New Delhi, he/she would board the flight to Singapore directly from New Delhi while for someone departing from Chandigarh, Lucknow, Jaipur etc. you would first need to reach New Delhi to take the onward flight to Singapore.

I can't find my departure city in the list. What do I do?

We're apologetic of the fact that we could not cover your preferred departure city. We currently cover the below list of departure cities (though not all of them may be applicable to all packages / destinations):
1. Ahmedabad
2. Amritsar
3. Bangalore
4. Bhopal
5. Bhubaneswar
6. Chandigarh
7. Chennai
8. Cochin
9. Coimbatore
10. Hyderabad
11. Jaipur
12. Kolkata
13. Lucknow
14. Mumbai
15. Mysore
16. Nasik
17. New Delhi
18. Patna
19. Pune
20. Rajkot
21. Ranchi
22. Surat
23. Vadodara

We're constantly working to increase this list. In the interim, you could choose to book your package online from a departure city (from the above list) nearest to you. You could thereafter choose to make you own travel arrangements to reach the departure city nearest to you or let us know and we would be glad to assist you with your travel arrangements.

What do you mean when with the option 'W/o transport from your city' while selecting a departure city?

'W/o transport from your city' option removes any transport between your departure city to/ from your destination. For example, if you wanted to leave from New Delhi on a 5 day holiday to Singapore, choosing this option will remove the return flight between New Delhi and Singapore. All other inclusions and transport in Singapore remains as such. Effectively, you are free to make your own travel arrangements from New Delhi to Singapore (book your own flights / redeem frequent flyer miles / take advantage of any premium credit card or other offers you have due on specific airlines etc.). You will be received at the Singapore Airport as per itinerary and dropped back at the end of your holiday at the airport. Do note however that this option is not available in all packages. Some packages come with bundled offers which do not allow such unbundling.

What do you mean by 'Money Back Guarantee'?

All packages booked online on come with an assured Money Back Guarantee. All packages, itineraries and holiday products listed on our site clearly state the inclusions included in the package price you are paying. We encourage you to seek more information from us wherever you need more clarity on any specific inclusion in case you are confused. Post your booking, if for any reason you do not receive or are denied any of those inclusions, we would refund you the proportionate amount of money as soon as such a exception is brought to our notice. No questions asked. To know more about this or how to avail of this, please do see money-back-guarantee.

Can I cancel my package booking? Do I have to pay any cancellation fees?

You can cancel any package you book unless the package comes with a specific caveat that it is a non cancellable package. Almost all packages on the site can be cancelled (exceptions do exist however due to supplier side constraints). A cancellation fee applies for all cancellations. Details can be found at cancellation-policy To help you book a package without worrying about cancellation fees, for a limited time we've waived all cancellation fees on bookings made for departures at least 45 days away, if cancelled within a day (24 hours) of the booking.

Are part cancellations allowed?

Yes. You can cancel the entire booking or cancel only some of the passengers booked. However, do note that in some cases part cancellation may result in increase in the package cost for the remaining passengers travelling. For example, if 4 adults are travelling together from New Delhi to Shimla in an AC Innova and staying in Hotel ABC in 2 rooms and now if 1 adult cancels then the cost of the AC Innova will be split between 3 adults and not 4 as was the case earlier. Further, if they retain 2 rooms then 1 adult would be staying alone in the room leading to a higher room cost (Single Occupancy costs more than Twin Occupancy).

How do I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking, send us a mail at clearly mentioning your WAH Booking ID (example, WAHSBP0330457537) and the passenger names you want to cancel. This request should be received from the same email id which was provided at the time of booking. Cancellation requests received from any other email id will not be entertained.

Do I need to pay the full amount online in case I am booking a package?

You need not necessarily pay the full amount online. You can opt to pay a lesser amount online (as low as Rs 501 per passenger) and pay the balance later. However, we advice that in order to ensure protection against price fluctuations as well as ensure availability of your seats and rooms, you pay the full amount as soon as possible.

After I book online, is my booking confirmed?

Your booking is provisionally confirmed till the time full payment is received for a booking. In between this time (partial/no payment and full payment), you may be vulnerable to price changes or availability running out in spite of our best efforts to hold your seats and rooms with the airlines and hotel(s) respectively. Hence, we bly suggest and advice that you pay the full booking amount as soon as possible.

After my booking, what will I receive?

Once you make a successful booking, we would share a booking confirmation as well as a payment receipt for any payment made towards your booking. Your actual booking vouchers (valid for travel) are normally shared closer to your travel.

When do I receive my booking vouchers?

Booking vouchers for your travel are typically sent to you by email as well as courier at least a week before your departure. Do remember that you would need to carry the hard copy of the booking vouchers along with a Govt. issue photo identity card while travelling (your passport can double up as your ID while travelling outside India). Keep your booking voucher(s) safe. In case you lose them, you can take a print out of the e-copy sent to you on your email address.