Want to write for us?

Do you want to be known as a travel writer? Wish to be an authority on travel and develop a brand of your own? Want a writing internship with us, and add some weight to your resume?

If your answer to any of these questions is a 'yes', well, we invite you to send us articles for the WeAreHolidays Travel Blog. Your articles can be about anything related to travel - personal travel experiences, stories on lands and culture, or tips and recommendations (for example : what not to do when you are in London, 5 reasons why you should not challenge a Scotsman in a drinking competition).

All that we demand is quality. As a writer, it is not just important to have perfect grammar, but also a fine balance of sensitivity, wit, outrageousness, and flair. Also, there are a few things you should keep in mind when approaching a subject you want to write about,

Real Life Experiences

Real life experiences posts make for original content. It gives the writer the freedom to express his thoughts in the manner he/she wants to, show the destination to the readers through his eyes and potentially carve a niche for himself as a writer.

What you need to keep in mind

  • There is a difference between telling a story and relating an incident. You might have gone on a trip, enjoyed it and now want to write about it. But are you sure it is something that will interest others? Is your article just going to be about what you and your friends did on the trip, in sequential order of events? Or does it have more to it? Is there a point in the narration? Is there a character in your story? Can he make us feel any emotion?
  • Is the article unbiased? You might not have liked something about a particular country, or city, but do you have the power to showcase it like that, as your own personal opinion, but not a generalization for everyone else.

Stories on Lands and Culture

The world is full of stories, and the good thing is that we shall never be able to know all of them. But we can try, by reading what you share with us.

What you need to keep in mind

  • Is it worth being told? If what you are sharing, is not just information taken from the internet? Are you contributing something to it yourself? For instance, you might want to write an article on the Tomatina Festival in Spain. But can you tell us anything more than what the facts tell us? Add some life?

A Report Article, Articles on Tips, Recommendations

Face it, most people who search on travel are looking for information, recommendations. They want a neutral person to tell them if that hill station is any good, if that budget hotel is actually livable or will you bolt out screaming because the commode broke into powdered bits the moment one sat on it. And hence, we have articles on the internet like Top ten haunted places in Delhi', 'What not to do when you go to Mumbai', 'Five things you should never tell a Gujju' etc.

What you need to keep in mind

  • Have you done your research well? Your writing has the power to influence people, are you sure you are using that power well?
  • Are you projecting yourself as a thought leader, or just a tourist, like most of your readers will be?

Every submitted article will go through a screening process, and we cannot promise that it will be published. It's a reflection of the quality and benchmark we have set for ourselves. However, once published, every writer will have an author page for himself on our website, and feel free to share your social links with us, if you want readers to connect to you outside our forum. Besides the obvious advantage of writing on our website - that your posts will be read by thousands of people - there will be many industry experts who shall also be reading and listening to what you have to say. For students, we shall be giving writing internships, and each certificate we give out is personal, crafted with due thought and attention and is not just a template. We shall also be giving tips (if you wish) from time to time, on writing, the travel world and social media.

How to Submit

All articles should be submitted in a word doc, with a separate title. If you want to add images, please make sure you do not send us images from the internet that have been copyrighted by others. Once you are ready to submit your word doc, send it as an attachment along with the subject line 'My article for the Travel Blog' to reach@weareholidays.com .

P.S. Today's Tip: Do away with all the adjectives and clichéd phrases that you wrote in the post that were used to extol a place. Now talk of the same place without any adjectives at all.