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Goa Carnival 2014

Saturday, 8th February 2014

Price: INR 17,999

When Goa comes out to party, the whole world sits up and takes notice. Beaches, booze, and bikinis - you think that's all? Wait till you see the Goa Carnival of 2014. Colour, costumes, and loads of craziness. Goa Carnival is the place to be. Agile bodies clothed in spectacular masks and costumes gyrating to drum beats. Powerful Goan music electrifying the air. Fireworks dazzling the sky. Senoritas ruffling their frilly skirts and lads strumming Spanish tunes on their guitars. Food and drink flow in plenty. Three nights of unmatched fun. That's Goa Carnival for you.


  • Delhi to Goa return trip by economy air
  • Accommodation for 3 nights at Angels Holiday Resort, North Goa
  • Airport transfers
  • Daily breakfast

*Price is based on 2 persons travelling together

*Price may vary a little for flights from cities other than Delhi

What to Expect

  • A lot of dancing. All across Goa, there will be boys and girls, men and women, dancing in the parades. Music, after all, is the heartbeat of Goa. Not just in the parade, there is dancing in the town squares, in public halls and even on the beaches. If you can do the tango or the Waltz, you are in demand, sonny!
  • A lot of colour. There are floats, there are glorious costumes, bands, stilt walkers dressed up as Walt Disney characters, tableaux and eccentric figures in African masks strutting around.
  • A lot of food. There are endless feasts taking place all over during the carnival in Goa. Convents distribute a huge number of cakes and pastries. As they say, eat, drink, and be merry.
Goa carnival

A Little Slice of History

The word 'Carnival' is derived from a Latin word that means 'to take away meat' and is symbolic of the forty-day fasting period of Lent which follows immediately afterwards. It was introduced to Goa by its former colonizers - the Portugese who held power till 1961. The carnival was initially a rowdy celebration in which people threw flour, eggs, dirty water passersby. The battle would be fought in the streets too with brooms and spoons. The idea was to get rid of all that was dirty before the Lent period began.

The Goa Carnival festival still retains most of these traditions. A king of Chaos, called King Momo, is elected and he presides over the festivities and madness.

This year, the Carnival falls on 9th February 2014 and will continue till 12th February 2014. One of Goa's most eagerly awaited events, the carnival is surely the biggest party of the year.