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Indian Sky Diving Festival | April 25 to 30, 2013

Adrenaline rush, extreme thrill, tearing wind, living on the edge-yes, sky diving is that and much more. The adventure seekers will swear by it, and the not-so adventurous will swear off it. Nonetheless, if you probably have a list of things to do before you die, sky diving should be on it. Dude, just add it even if you are the type who gets butterflies in the stomach walking on high terraces without parapets.

Ever fantasized about freefalling into a vast expanse of nothingness? If yes, then here is your chance. The spring this year brings to you the very first skydiving festival in India. Apart from over hundreds of hours of skydiving, it offers adventure-seekers five days of para gliding, para sailing, quad biking, wall climbing, and evenings drowned in music, dance, and sumptuous dining.

Enthusiasts can choose between two kinds of jumps:

  • Static Line Jump - in which your parachute will be connected to the aircraft via a line.
  • Accelerated Free Fall (combo of Free Fall + Static Line Jump) - with practically no strings attached, only two instructors to hold you mid-air. For the more daring among you.


Day One

Land at Bhopal airport, from where you can take a cab to the Dhana Airbase camp in Sagar. Attend ground training session (the jump will happen only on the next day). Once the session ends, you can go for para motor gliding or parasailing. If you are still too high on adrenaline, you can follow it up by a light wall climbing activity, or participate in the paint ball combat war zone.

In the evening, you can head to the Bar-B-Que counters or the Live Kitchen Kiosks for a taste of the local cuisine. If you dig the arts, end the day by sitting through an enthralling folk dance or music performance.

Day Two

Make the jump. Soothe your nerves. Chill out at the camp, dining at the kiosks. Visit the souvenir shop and hoard some of the sky diving merchandise before you head back home.

Day Three



  • Training
  • Certificate for your bravery
  • Log Book signed by the instructor with the details of the Jump valid across the globe
  • Photos
  • Tea
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis for 2 nights
  • Transportation from hotel to drop zone and back

*Price is based on 2 persons travelling together

Add Ons

  • Transport from your home city to Bhopal and back
  • Cab transfers from Bhopal airport to Dhana Airbase and back
  • Para motor gliding, parasailing, quad biking, wall climbing, paint ball combat war zone

And I fall into nothing Forever jaded And I hold onto nothingness Dissolving
my senses

-Into Eternity

What to Expect

  • Lots of excitement - on the ground and off it. Socializing with like-minded (or not) adventurers over pints of beer or plates of kebabs.
  • Lots of action - apart from sky diving, there is paragliding, parasailing, aero modelling shows, wall climbing. And did we mention there is quad biking and volleyball too?
  • Lots of entertainment - local artists showcasing their skills in folk dance and music.

Indian Sky Diving Festival 2013

There are two categories of jumps-Static Line Jump and Accelerated Free Fall. Participants will be provided with ground training for which they have to report on 25 March at 8 a.m. Ground training will be conducted on Thursday and Friday, and the jumps (Static Line or Accelerated Free Fall) will happen on Saturday and Sunday. For Accelerated Free Fall, it is mandatory to make a Static Line jump first.

Static Line Jump is a solo jump made approximately 4000 feet above the ground, with a line connecting the parachute to the aircraft. The parachute is deployed almost immediately after the participant jumps from the plane. The entire parachute ride will take around five minutes until the participant reaches the ground.

Accelerated Free Fall is a more daring jump, with practically no strings attached. The participant is not connected by any line to the aircraft; instead he/she is accompanied by two instructors who jump along and hold on to him until he deploys his own parachute. The instructors then break off and make separate landings.

All participants are required to bring along a medical certificate duly signed by a medical general practitioner allowing them to sky dive. The sport is not recommended for heart patients, people with spine-related issues, and pregnant ladies.