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Europe Overview

From Norway's Cape Nordkinn in the north to Punta de Tarifa on the Iberian Peninsula in the south, from where you can espy the coast of Morocco; Portugal's Cabo da Roca in the west to the Ural River in the east, Europe spans countries and people that have inspired generations of travellers to come seeking the charm that is so uniquely European. Supposed to be the birthplace of civilization, Europe is home to a culture that takes leisure seriously, a history that is totally alive and kicking and a sense of elegance that pervades even the most ordinary of things. Switzerland, Britain, Italy and Spain are always the top picks of those planning to visit for the first time while France, Greece and Germany are all-time favourites. Countries like Turkey, Holland, Croatia and Austria; although less popular are no less exciting if culture and adventure is what you seek.


Euro is the currency common to 22 of Europe's countries right now. The Euro is valued at approximately Rs. 70.

Local Language

Most countries in Europe have their own particular language. However, it is not difficult to locate an English speaking local if you're looking for help, especially in the cities (younger people are a better bet than older folks). But you should also carry along a phrase book for the language of the country you're travelling to as attempts to speak in the local tongue are appreciated and will increase your chances of being assisted.

Recommended Europe Packages

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Europe Tourism Packages

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