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Nepal Overview

Cosily nestled in the Himalayas, this tiny mountain nation is one of the few in the world so well set up for independent travel. You can cross over into Nepal by mountain bike, motorbike, raft, tourist bus or literally walk in. Nepal has so much to offer, irrespective of what kind of traveller you are. It beckons adventure junkies with its irresistible allure; it's THE place to be for mountaineers with the best rugged trails to the Everest. Stroll through the temple-lined medieval city with Buddhist pilgrims. Ride an elephant through the wild national parks spotting tigers, rhinos and exotic birds. Enjoy the breath-taking view of the Himalayas and bet some money in the country's thriving gambling scene.


The currency used here is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). 1 INR = 1.60000 NPR

Local Language

Nepali is the official language and de facto lingua franca of Nepal.

Recommended Nepal Packages

Buddhist prayer wheels, Kathmandu, Nepal
Discover Nepal (Premium)

Starts Rs. 35799.00

2 Nights Kathmandu | 2 Nights Pokhara

A bird's eye, rather, a child's eye view of Kathmandu city, Nepal
Nepal, Uncut (Value for Money)

Starts Rs. 26899.00

3 Nights Kathmandu | 2 Nights Pokhara | 1 Night Nagarkot

Nepal Tourism Packages

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