God bless technology, we now have more travel apps available in mobiles and cars than the number of traffic signals we encounter on our journey! When you are on the road, there are a hundred emergencies – sometimes you wanna take a leak, at times your car needs petrol; there’s a change of plan and you want t find a good hotel asap; you want to know whether it’ll rain so that you could postpone your trek. You get it – hundred things.

Here is a list of the best apps that can be relied upon while you are on a journey on the road:

10. Google Maps

Itinerary planning is one of the many things that can be safely left to your mobile through Google Maps. It generally requires simple input from your side: knowing where you’re staying, where you’d like to go, and it will give you where exactly all these places are in a city that you have absolutely no idea about. Just punch in the source and destination places and start the navigation.

You can plug in your mobile phone to your stereo set in the car to hear the voice commands for the navigation. It is precise, accurate and it shows you the shortest path available.

Available on – Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows phone and Blackberry world (free for all).

9. Skyscanner – Flights on the Go

This app enables you to search flights on the go. You can filter results by price, cabin class, airline, and take-off and landing times. The app is available in over 30 languages and the new log-in feature lets you store your search result for future references.

Skyscanner gives you the best deals and then connects you to the airline or travel agent so that you can make your booking directly. This gets you the best deals. It’s simple, independent, accurate, and finds the lowest fares really fast.

Available on – Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows phone and Blackberry world (free for all).

8. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel’s free and ad-supported weather app provides you with vast information of meteorological data such as temperature, wind, and visibility on an hourly or daily basis. An extended 10-day forecast is also available on the TWC app. Interactive maps can display the latest Doppler radar data, show rainfall and weather events, and severe weather alerts.

The app also includes social sharing features for users to upload images, tweets, videos, and photos.

Available on – Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows phone and Blackberry world (free for all).

7. Google Translate

While travelling to places whose language you do not know, you can always trust this app. It can translate more than 70 languages. You can speak, write or take a picture and Google Translate will translate the data for you in the language that you desire.

The best part about this app is that no internet connection is required for it to work! Just save your translations and you can access them from any device. With this app in handy, language is not a barrier anymore!

Available on – Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows phone and Blackberry world (free for all).


6. Skype/Google Hangout

While on the road trip away from home, everyone wants to contact their friends and family occasionally. Say hi to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype, free of cost. Skype allows low-cost calls to mobiles and landlines too. You can chat with anyone, anywhere with this lightweight mobile app.

Google Hangout is another option to connect with your loved ones while you are away. You can share photos, chat, do a video conferencing with Hangout. Location can also be shared with this app, in case you need to call someone to the place where you are currently staying.

Both are available on – Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows phone and Blackberry world (free for all). 


5. Pandora

Music can add a real spark to a road trip. Mostly everyone has a music player in their cars, but the Pandora App lets you to create a personalized radio station that plays only music you’ll love and might introduce you to a few new artists in the process. There is absolutely no need to spend precious vacation time to prepare a playlist or repeating the same tunes again and again. Just share a few of your favorite songs and artists with the app, and it creates a personalized radio station just for you!

Available on – Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows phone and Blackberry world (free for all).

4. Ixigo

Trying to find train tickets is a really long and difficult process. Finding which days a train runs on, or which class to choose, or to find availability, PNR status, routes or accurate fares is now a simple task. Ixigo.com enables you to search across all train information and routes in India, with comprehensive data and an amazing user experience across all mobile devices.

Available on – Google Play Store, Apple app store and Windows phone (free for all). It is not available for Blackberry world, sorry boys.

3. Yelp

A trip is never really a trip unless you have delicious food with you to munch along the way, or stop by a great food joint to grab a quick bite. Yelp helps you to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and read reviews from an active community of locals in the area. You just need a single tap to find nearby bars, cafes and restaurants. You can also narrow up your search by giving your price range as an input.

This is not all – make easy reservations at a place you like and minimize the waiting time when your hunger can’t wait!

Available on
– Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows phone and Blackberry world (free for all).

2. Hotel Tonight

The main concern while travelling to a city is to find a nice place to stay, within your budget. You don’t want to do last-minute booking at sky-high rates. In case you cannot plan your trip much in advance, the Hotel Tonight app lets you do last-minute hotel stay reservations at cheap prices! You can book up to a 5-day stay from their vast curated list of top-rated hotels. Book a hotel of your choice without worrying about the price and make your trip hassle-free!

Available on – Google Play Store and Apple app store (free for all). It is not available on Windows phone and Blackberry world.

1. Rome2Rio Directions App

Rome2rio app is a newly launched Google Maps application that can be used to simplify the search for precise directions by plane, train and cars between two destinations, all around the world. Simply enter the source and destination cities and you can get all kinds of route information. It can search for 670 airlines worldwide, trains in Europe, China and India, driving directions as well as directions via ferries many times. The interface is easy to understand, and it pops up things like the number of flights and fares when you hover over the details in the sidebar.

Available on – Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows phone and Blackberry world (free for all).

Travelling around the world can be daunting (although super fun!), but rather than worrying about where to stay and what to eat, you must relax and enjoy the trip. All these mobile apps make travelling and life much easier. The best part about these lightweight apps is that they can be mostly downloaded for free and pretty easily.

So relax on your seat and enjoy your trip, leaving all the stress behind!

Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do in her life.

Komal Jain – who has written posts on WAH Blog.