Just when you start thinking of a perfect holiday after reaching a beautiful place, a poor hotel can shatter all your dreams. On the other hand, if you land up at a good hotel, your travel experience will be etched up to perfection. There are so many things that can be annoying or go wrong at hotels. So, here are some of the tricks to deal with the most annoying things while you are staying at hotels.

1. Limited Plug Points or Power Outlets

Remember how every time you check into a hotel room, it’s so difficult to find one perfectly placed plug point? Moreover, if you are sharing the room, you’ll never get the one next to the bed. So, what do you do to solve this small but very irritating problem?

Our take on it: The TV in your room will have USB points behind it. If that doesn’t do the trick, pack a small extension cord with you. It’s always a good idea when you have too many gadgets to charge or while you’re sharing your room with friends and family.

2. Noisy Neighbours

There are many instances when all you can hear is the activities of your neighbour in the next room through the thin walls of the hotel. Whether it is the TV on full blast or a domestic row, your peaceful retreat is only going to be destroyed with such an experience. Besides, the hallways are no less noisy than your neighbours. Slamming of doors, ice machines, chatty guests etc. contribute their bit to make the hallway extremely loud.

Our take on it: You can always ask the hotel staff to shift you to a different room if such a thing happens. Also, always remember to request for a quieter room right at the time of booking. If even those attempts fail, pull out your ear plugs and shun away all the noises.

3. Wi-Fi Troubles

Well, if you actually trust the hotel to provide you with impeccable internet service, it is your own fault. We all know what kind of internet connection the hotels usually provide! Besides, the prices for this very basic and important service are also exorbitant.

Our take on it:If you’re on a business trip, it is imperative that you pack an USB internet dongle with you. Even when you want to stay connected to your social groups while on a trip, providing for your own internet needs is both easier and cheap.

4. No Mini Fridge

The mini fridge may seem insignificant with all the overpriced snacks and drinks. But while you’re staying there, especially for a longer duration and in summers, it becomes a very important thing. But you may find many hotels that fail to provide with that.

Our take on it: In case you feel you really need the mini fridge you can always enquire about it at the time of booking the rooms. If they don’t have it you can request them to arrange for one. Usually they arrange it for you at a minimal rent per day.

5. Surprise! Extra Fees

This is one of the most common and the most irritating one! At the time of check out from the hotel you are often struck with surprise extra fees that you never knew about. There’s something called “resort fees” that is charged at few hotels and resorts of Las Vegas!There are many other silly charges that add up to your bill and you get to know about them only at the time of check out.

Our take on it: Always make sure to enquire about any such hidden charges. Keep a count on the services that you’re taking from the hotel or if you’re consuming anything chargeable. And of course, don’t hesitate to argue with the hotel staff if they try to charge you with something that you didn’t know about. It is their duty to furnish all extra charges before you check into the hotel.

6. Unclean Bed Sheets and Bed Spreads

Not all budget travellers can live like hippies. But only a few hotels understand this. Often when you check into a budget accommodation, the least you expect is a clean bed to sleep on, but the hotels fail to provide that. And this doesn’t always happen in budget accommodations, even the nice swanky hotels falter at this very basic thing.

Our take on it: If such a thing irritates you, make sure to check reviews and pictures of the hotel before you set your mind on it. It is always best to go through user reviews rather than the hotel’s website. If you scan through carefully you will find previous guests giving honest feedback about their experience.

7. Mini Fridge Rorts

We all know that the food and drinks in the mini fridge aren’t free but to charge ridiculously high prices for the often underwhelming snacks is just unfair.

Our take on it: Locate the nearest convenience store to hotel and pick up your favourite munchies and drinks. In case, you’re going to an isolated place where you may not find a store nearby the hotel you can stock up while on your way there.

8. Bathroom Woes

Ok, so you could finally locate the shower right above the toilet, but then again, how do you operate it? Sometimes, it actually feels like you need a degree in plumbing to use the shower! Bathroom woes can also include stained and stinky wash basins and lavatories.

Our take on it: Well the bathroom is one place that we don’t want to compromise with in the least. But once you’ve checked in at night, you have to wait till the next day to check out and find a better place.

At least in India you don’t have to worry about misplaced or dysfunctional showers, there’s always the bucket and mug in the corner that comes to your rescue (unless the hotel is swanky Leela or Taj!)

9. Room Service Finishes Early

So, you checked in the hotel late at night, already aware that the restaurant will be closed by then but there is one saviour, room service! However after reading the menu you finally see those letters below that say, “room service: 6am to 10 pm”. I know painful…

Our take on it: When you are travelling you must carry some packed food with you. And packed food doesn’t always mean unhealthy foods like bags of wafers, chocolates, 2 minute noodles etc. you can choose healthier options like canned beans (yes, you find them in India too. Just have to look for them at the right places), oats and flaxseeds, soups, granola bars etc. You are bound to be given an electric kettle. Make good use of it!

So, there you go. We certainly hope these pointers will help you tackle the annoying things that happen at hotels. What are the things that irritate you most while you stay at hotels? Share with us your experience in the comments section below.


Kasturi Saikia – who has written posts on WAH Blog.