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People today are not happy with just desi trips. Goa, Kerala, Mumbai etc. have seen a lot of inter country tourism but as Indians, we can visit them at any time of the year right? Going abroad for a cool vacation is the new thing now. But planning a trip abroad and that too for an entire family might prove to be really heavy on your pocket. But who says there aren’t enough budget friendly international trips from India?

Let’s find out more about these destinations in our list of 12 Cheapest International Holiday Destinations from India:


Thailand is the nearest of the cheapest international destinations from India. It is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for Indian couples. Soak in the sun-kissed beaches, get engulfed in the luscious Thai curries or enjoy the ambience of the amazing temples and palaces, Thailand will always be nice on your pocket!

Must visit -Phang Nga Bay, for limestone cliffs in the emerald green water.
Cost per night - INR 2,250

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s charm is the one that stays with you for a long time. The white beaches, the ancient ruins and also the UNESCO heritage sites; there is so much explore in this pretty land. Colombo’s huge open market will definitely attract you more than once! And for sea food lover, it’s more than a slice of heaven!

Must visit -Consider a visit to the world famous historic city, Kandy.
Cost per night - INR 2,500


Not a very popular holiday destinations amongst Indians, Oman is begging for you to explore it! Its superb landscapes, lonely mountains, deserted dunes and uncrowded beaches will make you visit this unexplored territory more than once! The traditional souks are simply mind blowing.

Must visit –Overnight camping on the edge of snorkel sites.
Cost per night - INR 1,200


A wildly famous holiday destination for Indians, Malaysia is one which cannot be explored in just one visit. The colonial architecture, refreshing rain forests, superb shopping malls; there is too much to do here! It is so very diverse and affordable and many couples prefer going here for their honeymoon as well!

Must visit –Malacca, which is just an hour and a half by road from the country’s capital Kuala Lumpur.
Cost per night - INR 1,250


Discover the culture and heritage of Doha in the ethnic city of Qatar. The traditional handicrafts, the wooden ornaments, ancient ruins and civilizations; Qatar is living evidence of the vast and rich culture of the Middle-East. And let’s not forget about the shopping! It is just as superb as it is affordable!

Must visit –The changing sand dunes at the calm Khor Al Udeid.
Cost per night - INR 1,980


If you are obsessed with photography during your holidays, Nepal is the place for you! Located just across India’s border, Nepal boasts of snowy mountains and rich spirituality. It is a fusion of ancient culture and modern ethics. You can see women plucking tea leaves and waving at you, or enthusiastic mountaineers happily going on a journey to the Himalayas. This country is all about peace.

Must visit –Bodhnath Stupa, which is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world.
Cost per night - INR 1,150


Another pocket friendly holiday destination, Singapore is a blend of a variety of things. The only problem is the flights are not cheap, so you have to plan your trip well in advance. Singapore is the hub of shopping in Asia, the fashion capital in fact.

The city is always on the move, somewhat like Mumbai. The locals are pretty friendly and you can count on them to never lose your way!

Must visit –Spend an evening at the Marina Bay area.
Cost per night - INR 2,500


Dubai is more than the glitzy skyscrapers and insanely rich people! There is so much you can do in this incredible city. Walk around historical districts, visit the spice souks, go on a desert safari, or just relax at a nice restaurant; you can take your time to explore the entire place, it’s not going to be very heavy on your pockets!

There is something to do for everyone – as close to the perfect holiday destination as possible for the whole family, on budget!

Must visit – Burj Khalifa, world renowned for its splendid architecture.
Cost per night - INR 2,000


Greenery all around – that’s Indonesia for you! This beautiful island is so rich in flora that many spas are situated without a proper building, amidst the natural surroundings of trees! The brilliant blue-green seas here provide a perfect spot to laze around and relax. Sea food lovers will love this country for sure!

Must visit – A relaxing Balinese massage.
Cost per night - INR 2,600


Another insanely popular holiday and international honeymoon destination, this pretty island will blow your mind away! The turquoise waters, the amazing water sports, exotic spas; this place is the one to get spoiled in! Eating is a little expensive here, but you can manage that, right!

Must visit – Scuba diving in Male.
Cost per night - INR 2,900


The sparkly turquoise waters of Mauritius never fail to attract tourists. It is a myth that this place burns a hole in our pockets. So not true! Mauritius can be pretty budget friendly too. Choose an all-inclusive hotel, and stay longer! Simple! The extravagant beaches, the luxurious spas, the oh! so delicious food; Mauritius will spoil you in a second!

Must visit – Le Morne Brabant, for some peace and quiet.
Cost per night - INR 3,500

Hong Kong

No Visa required, just a free spirit and an adventurous heart! Help yourself to some yummy dim-sums or take a walk on the streets to view the flashy and pretty architecture. Visit the museums and also a replica of the Hollywood walk of fame! The place is always bustling with light and energy. So much so, you are sure to get carried on that high wave!

Must visit – Life-sized replica of Stonehenge.
Cost per night - INR 3,000

So these are 12 of the Cheapest International Holiday Destinations from India. So quit worrying and start packing, there’s no reason NOT TO.

Remember to always book your tickets early for cheaper fares!


Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do her life.
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