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Opening up a thousand connotations and luxury dreams—Singapore signifies prospects to bathe your fantasies in. With cravings for great seafood and top class shopping dominates the traveler’s mind, picking the 16 best things to do in Singapore is a dicey domain. Take a sneak peek into the things to definitely do here before you pack your bags for the trip. This is not an all-exhaustive list and by no means all-encompassing.

However, this could just make your trip easy on the planning front and make you focused when you set out on exploring Singapore by yourself—for the first time.

1. Find a great hub to eat!

If you are a foodie or even someone who abstains from eating out, Singapore could be a treat for your tongue! To begin with, the heads up must come from the awesome spicy food that lines Singapore –literally.

Take a turn and you are sure to find a great hub to eat your heart out at! From Malay cuisine to Chinese rice, there are a number of lip-smacking hot dishes. And skip the conventional dim sum and fried rice—check out the street eats at food marts such as Lau Pa Sat. beware of some slimy octopuses that could be part of some authentic local soups.

2. Taste Grubby mutton biryani in Indian style in Singapore

Before you feel smacky, read this—eating biryani at Bismillah is an awesome prospect that stares at your face when in Singapore. Grubby mutton biryani in Indian style in Singapore! Beat that! Go eat it. The softness and the spicy twist that comes in the meat seem even better from what you experience in the Indian heartland.

3. Visit Little India & buy the oddest of things from here

Visiting Little India needs to be on this list for sure. Experience some spicy and breathtaking delights on this trip. Packed from India with love—from flowers to food, you will be floored with the variety here. While the gonging temple bells seduce you with their authenticity, here is some trivia to floor you. In case you were expecting an all-Indian feel tinting the place, you will find change with the massive Mustafa Mall. Make sure you carry some loose cash since you could be tempted to buy the oddest of things from here.

4. Soak in the beauty of greenery and freshness in Cloud Forest

Cloud Dome Forest—Soak in the beauty of greenery and freshness at the conservatory when in Singapore. The place oozes natural appeal and you can keep walking around without getting tired.

5. Sit Between Marina Bay and Robertson Quay for best view of entire city

River viewing—The Singapore River could give you the best view in the entire city. Between Marina Bay and Robertson Quay, the River is a specialty that opens up your heart for romance and excitement. At least one in five couples have gone on record stating that they fell in love while walking around the river area in Singapore.

6. Catch a movie at the Golden village

The ambience is great and vibrant too. The reels playing could be slightly old but the entire place oozes a comfort and peace hardly found elsewhere. The best reason for you to catch up a movie here—tickets come for only four dollars.

7. Let doctor fish devour your dead skin cells - Take a Fish Spa

Fish spas-Let doctor fish devour your dead skin cells from the feet while you relax soaking the feet in the fish-spa tank. Singapore has some superb massage parlours and spas to lure people. While the guppy fish have come under scanner, the best part is that Singaporean spas are offering slashed rates for awesome services.

8. Munch up a scorpion

Yes we mean it literally! Marinated in wine and fried to crunchy perfection! If you have a taste for smaller creatures, then fried ants too could find their way to your plate.

9. Get up close and personal with a white tiger in Singapore Zoo

A visit to the Singapore Zoo is a must-do when on a trip to this paradise. The best part about this is you could get up close and personal with a white tiger and almost look into its eyes. The distance is just about a moat between the two of you.

10. Swing across rooftops at largest indoor climbing gym in the country

Ever had a Spiderman dream, one where you’re swinging across rooftops? With the Onsight Climbing Gym at Singapore, you could walk up the walls and experience a high like never before. Psst, this is the largest indoor climbing gym in the country. Tag your partner along for some superhero style romance.

11. Sneak into a Board Games Café

Depending on your interest, you could sneak into a café dotting the Singaporean-scape for a round of board games. Make sure you learn the game right since your neighbor could teach you the wrong moves to manipulate the winning name.

12. Play Paintball!

Paintballs! This tryst could get dangerous if you are not wearing the right gear. The paintballs hurtling towards you will definitely pump up the adrenaline. Paintballing is more fun in groups.

13. Indulge in Bird Watching @ Jurong Bird Park

Visiting the amazing Jurong Bird Park is a top thing to indulge in at Singapore. Despite being overshadowed by the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, this park is a paradise for those who love birdwatching.

14. The Red Star

Singapore can never betray your gourmet longings. The Red Star is one place you got to visit since it has been exactly the same on the interior and menu front for more than the last 50 years at least. The place is as legendary as the size of the lobsters it serves.

15. Some time for Shishas at Kampong Glam

This is another not-to-be-missed thing when on a Singaporean holiday. However, the gurgly feel you get from smoking a heavy pipe is massive on your throat. Some hiccups sure will be on the way. Once you feel the gurgly shisha you could be in for a roll.

16. Go the chocolate way

Yes you will be in for a lovely cocktail of chocolates at The Chocolate Bar. Shell up 38 Singaporean dollars and devour upto 27 lovely chocolates that are all delightful. The best part here is that all these choco drops are hand crafted and are meant to seduce.

The adjective apt for the Singapore experience is- decadent.


Satarupa is a chatterbox always on the move. While Amritsar is her personal favorite, she aspires to visit any place that can be romantic! A word-monger addicted to all things travel and to the awesome food she gets to lick on each trip.
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