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For all those who are fascinated by horror movies, this article is a must read for you.
What will a mere movie do for an adventure junkie such as you, when you can get the rush for real.
There are a thousand haunted places that exist in the world we live in. Here is a list of the most haunted places in the world:

The White House, Washington

The world’s most famous residence has always been in print for the spooky stories associated with it. The spirit sightings of many of the previous presidents are well known. John Adams, Andrew Jackson and the all-time favorite Abraham Lincoln have made their presence known over the years. The current President and his family also claim to have been woken up by strange sounds at night, giving this haunting mystery a strong confirmation.

The White House - Beware of the ghosts of presidents past!

The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia

Abandoned asylums are always known to be the creepiest places ever. The Beechworth asylum had served as a mental hospital for many years and has the highest rate of patients dying there. It’s for sure that all these troubled souls are haunting this place even today. The Ghost Tours have become a major attraction here. One patient whose ghost haunts Beechworth is Tommy Kennedy. Tommy had died in the kitchen which is now a part of a theatre and people claim that they have felt the sensation of someone tugging at their clothes or poking their ribs.

The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum - Go for a Ghost Tour and face your fears!

Aokigahara, Japan

With hit horror movies like The Grudge and Kuchisakeonna embedded in our minds, Japan already seems to be a pretty haunted place! At the base of Mt.Fugi is the famous Aokigahara forest, popularly known as The Suicide Forest. Hundreds of people have gone there to end their lives and are feared to haunt this place. Also, there are many other ghost and demon stories linked to the forest. It is believed that these ghastly spirits are present between the trees, shifting forms and getting spotted by visitors from of the corners of their eyes.

Aokigahara forest – The black forest of death

Ocean Avenue, Amity Ville, USA

You must have surely seen the famous hit movie The Amity Ville horror. This place’s story is very similar.  Ronald Defeo Jr. (saying that he was possessed) killed his entire family in a fit of troubled illusions. The place is said to be haunted by those who were shot in their sleep. When George and Kathy Lutz moved into this mansion, little did they know what they were headed for. The uneasy feeling soon turned to life threatening events and the family soon fled from the house in their boat.

The very spooky Amity Ville

The Schooner Hotel, UK

This hotel is said to be the most haunted hotel in Great Britain. Visitors often hear loud screams, whispers and random knocks on doors here. There have also been more than a thousand ghost sightings. A majority of rooms in the hotel are believed to be haunted. There have been reports of sightings of a dark figure which knocks loudly on the doors, and when answered, dashes in an unnatural speed to the other direction. The hotel is fully functional and continues to have guests coming to live there. Many often feel sick or uneasy here.

The Schooner hotel – Take a room at your own risk!

The Tower of London

This tower has been the former prison of some of England’s most dangerous criminals, many of whom have faced execution and death. One of the most famous deaths is of Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry VIII, who was beheaded as she was unable to give birth to a male heir of the kingdom. Her beheaded ghost is said to have been seen by many visitors. The area called the Salt Tower is so scary that a soldier once passed out from fear after he tried to fight with a ghostly apparition.

The Tower of London – Get ready to meet Henry the VIII’s beheaded wife

The Whaley House, California

Whaley house is considered to be the most haunted house in the United States. The house was built by one Thomas Whaley in the year 1857 and it has a spot where the famous Yankee Jim Robinson was publically hanged for attempted grand larceny. This is not the only “death” that has taken place here. The suicide of Violet Whaley and many members of the Whaley family add to the haunting factor of this place. People who visit here have reported “seeing” the spirit of a young girl who was accidentally hanged on the property.

The most haunted house in the US – The Whaley House

Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

The Diplomat Hotel is situated on a hill in the Baguio City of Philippines. It used to be a monastery earlier and the clergy here was executed by the Japanese during the Second World War. After the war was over, it was converted into a hotel and the guests there claim to have experienced many paranormal activities. People nearby say that they hear sudden banging of doors and windows, clattering of dishes, people screaming in the middle of the night and many “appearances” of ghosts. The building is very old and worn out and is not used as a hotel anymore.

The ghosts of WWII – The Diplomat Hotel

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh is known to be the most haunted city in the whole of Europe. The castle is located on the top of Castle Rock, an extinct volcano. The visitors have claimed to have seen a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War. The cell of its dungeons is the site of many deaths and it is said to bethe place of unrest for many spirits. People have reported sudden drops in temperature, seeing shadowy figures, a feeling of being watched, an unseen presence touching the face.

Climb at your own risk – The Edinburgh Castle

Lulia Hasdeu Castle, Romania

This castle was built by Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu after the death of his 19-year-old daughter, Iulia. After the death of his beloved daughter, he became a practitioner of spiritualism in an attempt to reconnect with Iulia’s spirit and for this, he designed a special room to carry out his spiritual ventures. He painted each and every part of the walls with black. According to many witnesses, Iulia haunts the castle, walking through the castle’s courtyard in a white dress and is seen holding daisies. To add to the spookiness of this ancient building, people have also reported that she is heard playing the piano at night.

Believe in these legends or not, all of us have experienced paranormal activities at some point in our life, and we often shake off the thought by reassuring ourselves that it was just a shadow playing a trick, or a simple misunderstanding. All the above places and many more have terrified more people than they are accounted for, and it was no trick!

Visit the horror destination of your choice at your own risk and we hope that you live to tell the tale!


Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do her life.
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