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Barely a week has passed since you returned to your home sweet home after an absolutely awesome holiday at the beach and you are missing it like that’s where you belong. The vacation had been a whirlwind of an experience indeed. No parents popping their prying heads to catch you with a foreign chick or no mom going berserk seeing you slipping on a Bikini. With your favorite group of buddies to give you an outstanding beach holiday, you are once again looking forward to hitting the shores next summer. No guessing, guys and gals, here are 15 things that every youngster misses after a rocking beach vacation.

1. Local Food

The best part of vacationing is bidding goodbye to all dietary constraints. Once back home the awesome feast with fish and sea food is surely one of the things that every youth would miss after a beach holiday. Who can forget those sizzling fresh-caught crab barbeques or the extravagant spread of scintillating seafood being displayed at gastronomic shacks lined along the beach? Even if you did not have the opportunity to gorge on every kind of local delicacy, the very thought of that fresh smell and clean meat is enough to make your mouth water even now.

2. Foreign Guys/Girls

Time to get naughty. You surely had your quota on your beach holiday with friends flirting, gawking, exchanging smiles and playing the coquette with those white chicks and handsome dudes walking out almost nude from the waters. There’s just something so exciting about foreigners which lure boys and girls alike; especially on the beach you had been showered with opportunities aplenty to treat your eyes with some amazing sights of skin and sand. Of course you would not find anyone roaming around the city streets back home except maybe if you lived in Miami or something!

3. Exotic Massage

One of the things to do on your ultimate beach holiday would definitely be a visit to an exotic massage parlor or spa. If you did manage to make it inside one of them, you bet you couldn’t get enough of the few hours of exotic hot massage with aromatic oils feeling sensuous hands working at all the right points on your body. How you wish you had some hot masseur at home ready to rejuvenate and relax your senses when your brain gets racked from consistent parental reprimands!

4. Freedom to Flaunt the Straw Hat

Straw hats are a big hit with youngsters and what could have been a better place to go flaunting the special one you bought with pick flowers etched on it? With your casual floral beach dress and the sassy straw hat to compliment it, that feeling of being the beach bum simply can’t be replaced back in the city.

5. The Sands

Unless you happen to be in an area where the kids in your neighborhood get some timeout for sand play, you are unlikely to experience the comfort of fine sand in your everyday life. As you sit back and reminisce those fun days at the beach, the shimmering sands ought to be among one of the things you miss after your beach holiday. Building sand castles, writing messages, creating funny faces and watching the sea waters come and wipe it all off in a jiffy; but the fun remained unlimited.

6. The Tan

The ultimate thrill of soaking under the sun post some crazy hours in the saline waters is hard to forget. The soothing sensation of the sun rays falling on your almost threadbare body smothered with sand and salt and the consequent tan that you end up getting gives your demeanor an entirely new look. After all, the world must know you’ve just returned from a fantastic beach vacation! And while fair is coveting, tan is “in” and it is worthwhile donning a sassy new avatar for a few months to college once a year, isn’t it?

7. The Local Fairs & Fetes

Psychedelic fanfare of garments, local-made knick-knacks, funky jewelry and narrow lanes reverberating with the beats of loud music- the local fairs & fetes at a beach destination remains a favorite haunt of every youngster. And while you did not mind exhausting most of your savings on those designer jewelry and souvenirs, the thrill of bargaining and buzz and color of those stalls is something you miss the most now.

8. Beach Cocktails

Raising the toast to your first holiday with friends, sipping some delightful beach cocktails – fresh, summery and sun-kissed, and returning to the resort tipsy without the fear of anyone yelling at you to have dared cross the forbidden line- how can one possibly not miss the exhilaration of it all?

9. Starry Nights

Do you remember the last time when you got the opportunity to stare and admire the star-studded sky at night from your home balcony? But you did have the chance to do so during your beach vacation. The sight of the night sky adorned with twinkling constellations of stars glittering to glory amidst the black backdrop as you all lay there on the beach looking up cast, an indelible impression on your minds. And this is definitely one thing you’re going to miss after your beach vacation.

10. Sea Breeze

Now, this is something you would die for in your cramped up apartment room. No air-conditioning in the world could ever beat the pleasure and power of the sea breeze as it blows past your face and swishes through your hair. If only you had a weekend beach house to experience it every week!

11. The Chatterbox Local

The garrulous local and his over-zealous efforts to enlighten you all about details of the local stuff. From weaving eerie tales around the haunted house down the street and the history of the place to guiding you on the best spots to eye foreign tourists, he tickled your laughter bones really hard. Although you would scoff at his sight and run to hide for cover from being the butt of his bizarre entertainment back then, the very craziness of the chatterbox is now beckoning you to be there once again.

12. Legends

Getting mesmerized in the grand legends which carved the rich history of the spot is something every youngster loves indulging in. Back home you start imagining yourself as the Princess of the place or as the Knight in shining armor who saved the town from some atrocious peril. Wasn’t strolling about those majestic castles and cathedrals more interesting than listening to these boring college lectures?

13. Walking Barefoot on the Sands

Splashing the water with your bare feet, walking over the wet sand during sunset or hopping along the hot sandy expanse under the scorching heat of the noon sun- can a bustling city street ever give you that awesome feeling?

14. The Liberty to Wear Flip Flops

You cannot go to college wearing those funky, vibrant flip flops especially if you have a presentation to make. T hey would seem too casual. Nor can you flaunt them during festivals or weddings. But did you not get the opportunity to exude the ultimate casual aura flaunting your favorite Hawaiian slip-ons at the beach vacation you just had? In case you are missing an occasion to slip them on again, hit the beach again.

15. Showing Skin

Well, boys & girls, just as it’s a good place to see skin, the beach is also a great place to show some skin. This is where you can flaunt that new bikini or those neon green swimming trunks, no one’s going to judge you on the beach. And if you’re up to it, there’s nothing like a nude beach experience! This is something you’ll always miss away from the beach !

Beach holidays are fun. And the best way to relive those very things that every youngster misses after a beach vacation is to plan out one every summer that lets you have some memorable experiences and endless hours of fun!


Satarupa is a chatterbox always on the move. While Amritsar is her personal favorite, she aspires to visit any place that can be romantic! A word-monger addicted to all things travel and to the awesome food she gets to lick on each trip.
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