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What is the one thing that we Indians are so good at? All of us? Staring! Unnecessary, prolonged staring! Yup it is true! Ask yourself if you don’t have the habit of staring at something/someone and then gossiping about it! You know you do!

So what impression do we make on the people when we visit their countries? Let’s find out:

1. Women

Ah! But of course! Indians do not leave their own country’s women alone, then how could the foreign ladies be given any benefit? We literally gawk at women! Well mainly because they are pretty and good looking, but still staring is rude and it obviously scares them away! So please guys, stop staring at women with your mouth open and stop creeping them out.

2. Foreign make cars

Guys love cars (mostly they do) and all of them have a great amount of love hidden in their hearts for foreign car brands – Lamborghini, Volkswagen, Ferrari etc. These cars are not to be seen much in India, so naturally one would just stop and freeze at the beauty of it in a foreign land. Great roads and nice weather make it all the more appealing!

3. Adult entertainment stores

If you love something secretly and cannot come across it near your home, you would absolutely go insane if you see it in the middle of a busy street! Places like Amsterdam have adult stores all around the place, and being an Indian, one would definitely shy away from it at first. But after sometime, we would want to go in and check it out, which will be of course against our “rules”. But really, chuck it and check those stores out. You might find something useful in there!

4. Fashion

Coming from a country where even sleeveless shirts are considered as a taboo, Indians are bound to stare at the fashion of a city like Paris or New York. Their style, the level of chicness and their killer confidence – it has a magnetic effect on us Indians. Be it that short jacket from Prada, or those killer heels from Jimmy Cho, one simply can’t get enough of the great fashion that a different city has to offer!

5. PDA

What do you do when you see a couple holding hands at a mall or at a park? You judge them instantly, right? Public display of affection is pretty normal in places outside of India. People show their love for each other rather openly and they are not ashamed about it! So please don’t stand and stare at a sweet couple kissing at a beach, or a pair of newlyweds cuddled up at a restaurant. Let them enjoy and you pay attention to your partner please!

6. Rules being followed

Please raise your hand if you are a rule follower in India. Anyone? No one? Yes it’s true, we hardly follow rules here. We jump signals, don’t stand in queues and also don’t use the zebra crossing. But such is not the case in the West or even in other Asian countries. The locals there mostly follow rules to the T. And when we see that, we go like “WHY!” .It may sound hilarious but it’s true. We should learn from them and follow the rules back in our country too.

7. Culture

Coming from a culturally rich country, Indians may get overwhelmed with the lack of cultural ethics that the people abroad have. But then there are some positive points here too, there is usually more equality between the sexes than we see in India. Women are safer there and more open and confident. We would probably shamelessly gawk at a woman driving a truck. The intermingling of the sexes might come as a shock to Indians.

8. Architecture

Mumbai and Bangalore might have cool skyscrapers and pretty buildings, but places like Manhattan, Japan etc. are way too out of their league! The architecture that we come across at a foreign land is simply WOW for us. Its fully developed, beautifully constructed and most importantly, well maintained. Even the subway trains and malls are so much better that one just can’t stop looking at them!

9. Price tags

The people who are pretty comfortable bargaining all day for a single item in full sunlight, buying something expensive is absolutely not tolerable! Places like Paris and New York have world famous brand shops at almost every street, they are unavoidable and non-negotiable!

10. The city map

Where to go? 5th Avenue or 76th Street? The maps can be really confusing in a new city. And many people can be seen just staring at it and not able to understand much at all! The best way is to be prepared beforehand and get familiar with the places that you want to visit! That way you won’t be seen staring at a map stranded on the street!

So the next time when you are visiting a foreign country, do yourself a favor and do not stare at anything! Just act cool and take it all in smoothly!


Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do her life.
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