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Ishq par zor nahi hai ye who aatish Ghalib,

Jo lagaaye na lage aur bujhaaye na bane

                                                                   ~ Ghalib

Take a walk in Delhi around this time of the year, and you cannot fail to spot young couples strolling timidly, hand in hand, stealing glances at each other, and then at passers-by to see if anyone is staring.

Though Delhi is a crowded city, there is no dearth of beautiful and romantic (not to mention, secluded) places ideal for young lovers. From pubs and malls to historical monuments and gardens. Now gardens might seem a bit tacky for the tastes of many, but what is love without a little cheese.

1. Garden of Five Senses

Located near Qutub Minar, the Garden of Five Senses is a garden of variety. A food and shopping court, a toytrain to ride in the park, and lots of grassy mounds, and little cottage-sheds to explore. The Garden of Five Senses is a hit among lovers, as it is almost at one fag end of Delhi and not exactly in the action of things.

Nearest metro station: Saket

Timings: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

2. Lodhi Gardens

The Lodhi Gardens, near Khan Market, have been popular with Delhiites for long. Family picnics, school trips, lovers’ haunts – the gardens have seen it all. The gardens are well-maintained and clean, you’d find plenty of flowers. The only hitch is that couples have, in the past, been harassed by eunuchs here looking for quick money. So, keep an eye out and don’t venture too far.

Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bagh

3. Parthasarathy Rocks 

Parthasarathy Rocks is one of the best-kept secrets of JNU. It is an open air auditorium and is situated on the highest natural point in Delhi offering beautiful views of the sunset. Rocks, natural crevices and small mounds form the terrain of the area. Privacy is respected here, and the place is frequented only by students and a few outsiders.

Nearest metro station: Hauz Khas 

4. Connaught Place


The most frequented place of Delhi, CP, is the grandest emblem of Lutyens’ Delhi. Large open spaces, a tempting flea market, showrooms, eateries, lounges, and bars lined up behind majestic white pillars.

Nearest metro station: Rajiv Chowk

5. Old Delhi

What makes Delhi so special and endearing is its old world charm. Celebrate your love the Shah Jahan way. Or with Ghalib in attendance. Visit Ghalib’s haveli, if both of you are fans. Sit in the lawns of the Red Fort, with the city’s crisp air and flocks of pigeons for company.

Nearest metro station: Chandni Chowk

6. Mandi House

What’s better than sitting for an ecstatic session of Sufi music, followed by a mouth-watering feast at Bengali Market. If you are still greedy for more, head to India Gate (you should have a vehicle as it’ll be too late to go by metro).

Nearest Metro Station: Mandi House

Starts at 6.30 p.m.

7. Qutub Minar Complex

The Qutub Minar complex in Mehrauli, offers historical buildings, an awe-inspiring Minar, and a beautiful park.
Do whatever you want but please don’t write ‘Sunita loves Pinku’ on the walls.

Nearest Metro Station: Qutub Minar

8. Malls

With their glitz and glamour, fancy eateries, indoor sports, malls are obviously popular with the young crowd. If outdoors are too cold for you, head to any of the city’s famous malls – Saket, Ambience Mall in Gurgaon, Pacific Mall in Subhash Nagar are your best bets.

Nishi Jain spent 5 years studying English literature, 2 years editing novels, and shouting herself hoarse in street plays, after which she realized erudition never got anybody anywhere. So, she took off and visited the four corners of India, came back, and announced that the best thing in the world was cheesecake. Now, she just writes, plays ping pong, and eats cake on the sly.

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