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If you’re young and happening, or if you’re old(er) and still happening, then this must be on top of your places to visit Delhi. Artsy, avant garde and with a wide plethora of options, the only problem is that it’s probably getting too popular to be ‘cool’ anymore. Well, eventually every place loses its cool when there’s not enough parking over the weekend. This is something you’ll never find in a brochure for Delhi Tourism. Nevertheless, if you’re visiting Delhi, then you must go.

Hauz Khas FOrt

Hauz Khas Fort

The Hauz Khas Fort Comples has played different roles in the history of Delhi and its seven cities including that of water tank, Islamic seminary, mosque, tomb and pavilions built around an urbanized village. Today, the village surrounding the ruins is a maze of art houses, restaurants, lounges and cafés with a single large main street. One has to park outside the village and walk, thank God for that! it has a lot of interconnected gullies where it not difficult to get lost. These are the top 3 reasons why you must go…

Arguably the best dining scene in the city

A Naga woman runs an authentic Naga kitchen with 20 items on the menu, all the staff and chefs are Naga; a plump cheerful Spanish woman runs a rooftop café that serves traditionally cooked paella over the weekend and plays only Spanish flamenco music; a Tibetan kitchen that serves up spicy Himalayan fare with the fluffiest tingmos; flaky layered Malabar paranthas with South Indian mutton curry; there’s no other place where you’ll be so spoilt for options within a one kilometer radius.

Flipside Cafe

And the best part, every place has its own distinct look and feel. While eating out in Delhi,  this is definitely the most contemporary scene.

Live Music Scene

It’s THE place to be, whether you’re an aspiring musician or you’re a live music aficionado. Most places host a band at least once a week, so no matter which day of the week you’re there, you’ll probably find at least one with live music or karoke. Some places allow you to hit the floor as well.

Art & Craft

It’s quite the artsy, craftsy neighborhood; there are a lot of exhibits that happen here, not the high profile super expensive red carpet types, but the smaller no less creative types by young and upcoming artists. Right at the entrance to the village, you’ll find posters and flyers of all current events and showings. Useful items crafted from garbage, old bottles crafted to be used a variety of funky things and just anything else that you can imagine.

Hauz Khas - Street Art


Hauz Khas - Art Spotting

If you can’t find it, consider creating it and then exhibiting it here!

And of course, the crowd is nice (mostly) and the view of the ruined complex is pretty great and about a hundred other reasons. What is your favourite part about Hauz Khas village?

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