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For the complete water bunny, hardcore sunbathers and sea lovers nothing seems to be a greater turn-off than having to spend their time amidst throngs of people, cacophony of noises and beaches dotted with arrays of food stalls frequented by immense crowds. In order to feel the real pleasure of the tranquility which the sun, sand and sea bestows you with, the key is to escape to those hidden beaches whose bliss has not yet been tampered with and eclipsed by the mayhem of tourism. If you are looking for some real serene hideouts, we bring to you the best of the World’s Secret Beaches.

Fraser Island, Australia

If you happen to be in Brisbane, take some time out to travel about 200 miles north to experience a vast expanse of sandy island endowing you with a private beach absolutely to yourself for swimming and a whopping 75 miles dedicated to surfing. The inland lakes nestled amidst the beach are the apt choice for going de-salting post a swim in the sublime sea, while the bewitching sands beckon you to go tenting, ‘tis truly one of the best places on earth to enjoy the serenity of the night sky and the sounds of lapping shore waters.

Cirali Beach, Turkey

A virgin beach like no other, Cirali, tucked aside the Turkish Mediterranean is truly a Paradise on Earth, thanks to the thousands of loggerhead sea turtles that dwell here. The bewitching beauty of the beach remains indubitable with the turquoise sea and the pebbly sands but there is more for the adventurous souls hidden in this beach. From the 250 year old mill and stunning waterfall to the bohemian village famous for its pancakes made of feta and herbs, there is no dearth of things to explore. Head to Olimpos National Park nearby to check out the site of the natural gas flame and savor some of the fresh caught delicacies at the small guesthouses situated some distance away from the beach to imbue the true spirit of one of the most mesmerizing secret beaches.

Punta Molentis, Sardinia (Italy)

To wallow in the true opulence of azure crystal clear waters and shimmering white sands, Punta Molentis in Sardinia will be the perfect escape for you in all of its pristine beauty. Although you would not find any hedonistic features that make those popular beaches of the world so luring, this beach is to be savored only for its enthralling natural beauty with miles of rocks strewn with lush greenery which make it among the list of the best secret beaches in the world.

Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

Although Piha Beach in Auckland is probably the spot where most people would be dropping their luggage to get a feel of the magnificent coastline of North Island in New Zealand, we suggest Muriwai Beach for the real Kiwi surfing experience. It’s only an hour’s drive west of Piha. A true surfer’s paradise, the beach is brimming with black sands and rocky enclaves, not to speak of the alcove aside the horseshoe stretch of the beach where you can spend some time lazing or gorging on the hunted green lip mussels during low tides.

Palm Beach, Barbuda (Eastern Caribbean)

Barbuda, the sister island of the much hyped and sprightly Antigua has been acclaimed as the World’s Most Romantic Islands and not without good reason. With pink sandy beaches and the delightful Bird Sanctuary showcasing more than 170 different species, the Palm Beach presents itself as a complete solitary niche of bliss and serenity for lovers of solitude.

Almeria, Spain

A largely unfathomed area untouched by human civilization the deserted beaches of Almeria are some of the best spots in the world to come in close communion with nature. Whether it is the volcanic rocks of Monsul Beach or the rocky cliffs of the Los Genoveses, you can drown yourself in complete tranquility once you are here.

Panglao Islands, Philippines

Take your Phillipines vacation a notch higher by taking a flight from Manila and hitting the Panglao Island to savor some authentic Filipino-Mediterranean delicacies like Penne with Pock Adobo and staying in one of those luxurious thatched cottages nestled across the beach. Not many know of this place which makes it one of the world’s secret beaches offering such rare opportunities to its few tourists such as some dolphin watching, home-made ice cream tasting or getting a feel of what Tom Hanks underwent in Castaway on the solitary Puntod Island.

Tobago Cays, St. Vincent (Caribbean)

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect beach that you would love to spend a laid-back day at. Turquoise blue waters brimming with stunning coral reefs, lined with white sands and inhabited by a psychedelic array of fish and other marine life, the Tobago Cays is one of the top secret beaches in the world just the hotspot for snorkelers and those looking for some ultimate albeit quiet beach relaxation.

Any secret beaches that you know of? Let us know in the comments section!


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