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You are off for a vacation and packing your bags with the last-minute knick-knacks. But while the hopes of a fun-filled and pleasurable holiday beckon you to escape, there is another big chapter to cover- the flight. From shelling out additional dollars for the few kilograms of excess weight of luggage to waiting for the flight to take off and praying there is no delay, there are a whole lot of things that could perturb you.

But what piques you the most is encountering annoying co-passengers who do not seem to get enough of bothering others. So even before you jostle your way past those passengers in the terminals, be prepared for some of the irritating types who may have grabbed the seat beside you.

The Typical Punjabi

With his turban tucked nicely on his head he would seem to be among those nice broad-minded Punjabis that you have encountered in your neighborhood. But do not take anything for granted for you may end up having the most irksome Punjabi co-passenger who does not stop blabbering about their rich family members, their foreign trips and their N- number of cars. Worse still, keep yourself shielded from the archetypal Punjabi housewife who boasts about her designer outfits, her humongous mansion and price tags of almost anything you can name of.

The Snob

Nothing can seem more disgusting as encountering a braggart on a flight. And if he or she happens to be sitting beside you, prep yourself up to spend the few flight hours having no one to talk or get a smile from. For even if you ask her to lend you the magazine she is reading she will give you a condescending glance or just refuse you outright until you begin to ponder whether you are looking like a weirdo in your outfit like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”. She signals the flight attendants in an uptight manner only to shower them with her endless complaints about their service even as they continue putting up their usual pleasant smiling countenance. She may leave you wondering what makes her such a high-brow. Is she a descendant of the Prince of Wales or does she have some connection to Barack Obama?

The Business High Flyer

Of course it is his business or job which has endowed him with the privilege of being seated in the business-class but does he himself think so? Out of all passengers aboard, you may find him as the constant attention-seeker. He summons the flight attendants every now and then to lower the temperature of the air conditioner, to bring him a drink, get him a blanket or serve him something that you cannot possibly find on a flight. Has he ever travelled in business class before? Or is he under the notion that flight rules simply don’t apply to those who are the so-called high-flying business class travelers?

The Gyan Mongerer

Listening to advice from elders is something you have been grilled to believe. But too much of “gyan” and advice at times seems to rack your brain apart. And when you are compelled to withstand such relentless tidings in the midst of a flight from someone whom you have just met, you feel like trying out a bungee jumping feat off the airplane. They consider themselves as the perfect Agony Aunts who have experienced everything in life and therefore are in a position to offer you advice on aspect you can think of. From teaching you the mantras of motherhood to counseling you on your duty towards your husband and handling in-laws, you can expect to be in for some hours of endless mental torture.

The Wannabe Woman

She may be an ambitious entrepreneur or a budding journalist but one look at her will tell you that she feel she has got the whole world under her feet. If you get to indulge in a tete-a-tete with her you may just be able to extract the real truth from her mouth- she is just a newbie in what she is doing. And yet that does not stop her from weaving an aura of success and grandeur around her. With such a co-passenger as your travel companion you start thinking, are you of any worth to the world after all?

The Heavy Smartphone User

Smartphones have indeed helped us conquer distance and time. But you can well do without updating your flight status on Whatsapp and Facebook for some hours at least. And yet there might be that freaky Smartphone-user at that lone corner of the aircraft who seems to be completely drowned in the phablet that he holds in his hand. And when it comes to his watching movies and videos on his Smartphone you wonder why the heck he did not get his headphones along. Coming across such a co-passenger you are left wishing you were born in an era which did not have mobile devices and definitely not Smartphones.

The Nose Poker

Now this sort of passenger needs no introduction and throughout your many in-flight rendezvous you are sure to encounter such bothersome individuals quite a few times in life. When you contemplate on reading a book, he will make it a point to peep and check out what you are engrossed in. He will go on asking you incessant questions about your purpose of travel, your family history and even make you go berserk with unnecessary prattling when you are thinking of dozing off for some time.

The King-Ly Type

Wondering what is keeping the air hostesses busy? Bend down and you might just catch sight of the passenger on the other end who enjoys making the attendants run to and fro to attend to his demands. He thinks of himself as the King of the aircraft and who could possibly turn down an emperor’s orders? You feel sorry for the attendants for all the brunt they have to bear with smiling faces.

Whether you are flying in the business class or the economy class, on a weekday or a weekend or have conveniently bagged a window seat for yourself, you are likely to come across at least one of the above types of annoying passengers who will leave no stones unturned to irk you to the core. Instead of cursing your luck, the best way to keep your calm is to put on your headphones and cut yourself off from the rest of the world for the remaining hours on flight!


Satarupa is a chatterbox always on the move. While Amritsar is her personal favorite, she aspires to visit any place that can be romantic! A word-monger addicted to all things travel and to the awesome food she gets to lick on each trip.
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