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Thailand holidays are being eyeballed by an increasing number of couples these days, desiring to walk the aisle in style. If you want a lavish destination wedding for cheap (!), Thailand is the place to go to. The best part is that you don’t need to be a billionaire’s daughter in order to have a Thailand wedding.

If you are a hard-to-please fellow, here we do the convincing act by notching up 7 reasons why you must plan a Thai wedding:

A wedding to remember: Your best friend, your parents, your siblings and even your milkman- all of them (or, most of them) must have had a traditional (read boring) wedding ceremony. An outdoor locale can set up a befitting epitaph to your days of bachelorhood. You would outdo even your posh chachi who still brags about her Goa beach wedding.

To save money: You may be thinking that a foreign destination will increase your wedding budget. On the contrary, you can bag Thailand holiday packages and Bangkok packages at very cheap prices. Low-cost resorts, low-priced venues and free public beaches can help you save a lot of money. And if you have relatives with a fear of flying, congratulations.

For a private wedding: Try to tie the knot in India and you will have to invite hundreds of your friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives and even the ‘sabjiwalas’ and ‘doodhwalas’. If you would prefer to have a small guest list, it is ideal to plan an offshore wedding in Thailand.

To honeymoon: Thailand is a huge country and if you choose this as your wedding destination, you can stay on for a few more days to perform your honeymoon rituals as well. That will save you money, time and the hassles of packing, unpacking and travelling.

To avoid the chaos: It can be chaotic to get married in India with the usual wedding arrangements gaining mammoth proportions. At Thailand, you can avoid the clutter and the chaos and get married in peace.

To shop cheap: Thailand’s cheap markets and shops can be the best draws especially if you aren’t too fussy about getting everything from your home country. Bangkok is known to be a haven for stingy shoppers.

To relax before the big day: Before your ‘shubh muhurat’ arrives, you can freshen up at the luxurious spas and massage parlors. Under Bangkok packages, you can avail special fish spa sessions and relaxing massage therapies to take good care of pre-wedding jitters.

Ritesh Agarwal is a freelance writer, a passionate blogger, a budding author, a book reviewer and a voracious reader. He loves traveling. He hasn’t traveled much, but loves it nevertheless and satiates his thirsty desires by penning travel-based articles. His short horror & love stories can be read on his blog http://thirstydesires.blogspot.in/. He can be reached through email at ritzy182000@gmail.com.

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