Christmas is synonymous with frolic, merry-making, X-mas tree, and a paunchy Santa Claus. This widely popular festival holds myths as old as Santa himself. For those who thought they knew all about Christmas, here are some weird facts about the festival.

So, here we unleash some of our favorite fun facts (in the hope that they will tickle your bones just the way Jennifer Lawrence tickles our fantasies these days):

1. Santa Claus and his whereabouts

Santa Claus is quite an intriguing character in itself and there are only speculations about his actual place of residence and whereabouts. Some believe that he hails from North Pole while some say that he is originally from Edinburgh. The adult in you may pose a cynical look and suggest that Santa Claus is, after all, merely a fictional character. But while a large part of him may still be centered on fiction, his name and character have been heavily sketched after St. Nicholas who was very much a real person from the bygone centuries. Maybe he distributed candies to the children in his neighbourhood.

2. The most iconic Christmas gift

You may have gifted anything from a chocolate to a gadget to a story book to your loved one on Christmas. But do you know which is the most iconic Christmas gift ever been presented? It is the Statue of Liberty which was gifted by France to US.

3. The case of the male reindeer

If Sherlock Holmes was here, even he would be left scratching his head over this one. If you take the painstaking effort to Google the names of all the reindeers of Santa Claus, you will discover that almost all of them have got male names. However, it is said that during Christmas the reindeers shed their antlers and, by definition, turn into females. So technically speaking, the reindeers which are harnessed to Santa Claus’ sledge are actually females. Female reindeers with male names.

4. Rudolph and His Red Nose

There is so much talk and debate over Rudolph that we are planning to write a whole blog post on him. Rudolph is the famous reindeer whose red nose has often made headlines and triggered more excitement than that caused by wardrobe malfunctions of Emma Watson. So much so that even the science community in Norway took deep interest in the matter and finally concluded that the red color of the animal’s nose was caused due to some strange parasitic infection.

5. But the weirdness is that…

But the weirdness lies in the fact that the scarlet-nosed Rudolph was actually created by one copywriter called Robert L. May in 1939.

So, now that you have some interesting Christmas facts to throw around casually in that Christmas party, go and impress some pretty girls and have a happy new year!

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