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Most people find the idea of leaving their pets locked at home while they go on a vacation anything but appealing. Taking it along is also not a very happy proposition since not every place is pet-friendly. And even though your dog (or cat or whatever you own) may be a very obedient, docile, and ‘sabhya sushil’ pet, you may still face a lot of difficulties when you are travelling to unfamiliar cities and countries.

A dog’s life

So, here are some tips on how to make an easy and comfortable journey with your pet:

1. Tips for traveling with a dog in a car:

Who let the dogs out?

  • When you are making a road trip with your dog in the car, there are certain precautions you must take. Even though your dog may be quite used to running around the city in the car, this one is a long and tiring road trip which may cause road sickness to the poor creature.
  • It is important that you halt every 2-3 hours to let the dog out and give him a brief exercise (also allow him to empty his bladder).
  • When in car, keep him tied or harnessed so that the driver does not get distracted and the dog too stays safe.
  • Though your dog may obstinately insist that you let him poke his head out of the moving car (they love to enjoy the cool breeze on their face), it can cause certain infections in the lung so don’t let him travel with his head out throughout the journey lest you have to visit the vet first thing on reaching your destination.

 2. Tips for making a foreign trip with your pet:

Hellow honey bunny

  • Unless you are a celebrity, we don’t think you are used to taking your pets on foreign trips. First and foremost, you need to ensure that you are flying through an airline which allows you take a pet on board.
  • Secondly, you must attach a pet’s collar (with your name and contact number scribbled on it) and not leave him alone. Pets may get anxious during flights. The onus will rest on you to ensure that he is relaxed.
  • You may also be asked to hand over certain papers. As a responsible owner, it is your duty to carry the medical records and prescriptions of your pet.
  • Also, carry basic medicines since pets too, like humans, can suffer from nausea and jet lags. In general, dogs must not be placed on planes unless absolutely necessary. If possible, travel by some other mean of transport.

3. Tips for accommodation:

  • Some hotels strictly prohibit pets while some have special rooms designed for pet care. A little online research on your part can help you book the perfect pet-friendly hotel at reasonable rates. It can be hard for your pet to adjust to a new place with a different climate.
  • Also, many restaurants don’t have provision for pets. So, make adequate enquiries from your hotel desk before you leave for that fancy dinner. And in case you want to go on that candlelight dinner at a posh dine-in that doesn’t allow pets, look for arrangements to leave your pet in the care of a pet crèche nearby.

 4. Other safety tips:

Woooooooooof !

You are the only friend your pet has got. Do not ignore or forget his needs in the midst of your revelries. We understand that the sight of a topless woman on the beach can be more enticing than a dog licking your feet, but remember it will be your dog, and not that stranger woman, who will stick with you in your happy and bad times (well, unless you don’t end up marrying her). Take him to a vet if he appears dull or sick.

A date to remember

4 golden tips suggested by one of our dog-owning friends:

- Make sure that your pet stays hydrated.
- Be with your pet. Don’t leave him alone.
- Excessively noisy transportation may require sedation.
- Make arrangements for the pet to excrete.

Golden tip: Dogs are great conversation starters. And history proves that women trust a man with a dog more than a man at the bar.
Ritesh Agarwal is a freelance writer, a passionate blogger, a budding author, a book reviewer and a voracious reader. He loves traveling. He hasn’t traveled much, but loves it nevertheless and satiates his thirsty desires by penning travel-based articles. His short horror & love stories can be read on his blog http://thirstydesires.blogspot.in/. He can be reached through email at ritzy182000@gmail.com.

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