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You think you have it all planned while going on a trip, well think again. Even the most carefully planned trips can turn out to be total disasters if you miss on some small but important detail.

Here’s a list of the top ten mistakes that most of the travelers make, and how to avoid making them:

1. Trying To Do Too Much

Everyone gets a little too much enthusiastic when it comes to exploring new destinations on a holiday. You want to see this, you want to eat there, you want to shop somewhere else, and the list is never ending. Whoa! Slow down! You have to make the list shorter else you won’t be able to make the most of your holiday. Visit a few of the places that you love and keep the rest for the next time. After all, give the place a second chance too!

2. Not Carrying Enough Cash (Currency)

People tend to rely too much on their debit cards when they are travelling. At times there is no ATM in sight and many places like Goa, for example, don’t even accept cards! You should always carry enough cash so that you obviously do not run out it. Carry a little extra, while you are at it. There is no harm in carrying money, you won’t be robbed! Moreover, on trips abroad, failing to have enough of the country’s currency can be a bummer. Always remember to have a good knowledge about the exchange rates before you apply for the tourist visa!

3. Not Taking Enough Care of Your Belongings

The place is beautiful with picture perfect views, but that does not mean you should leave your belongings unattended. The local thieves do not enjoy the scenic views as much! Keep your purses and bags on your person, even while posing for pictures. Also, do not always hand over your expensive cameras and phones to random strangers to click your pictures. You know how to click a selfie, right?

4. Over Packing

Whether it’s a weeklong trip, or a weekend getaway, packing is always the laziest and the last thing to do. But just because of this last-minute stuffing, people tend to over pack everything. Who needs an extra pair of shoes on a holiday! Just pack the basic things in your vanity bag and keep a few clothes. If you over pack, you’ll have to drag your luggage a lot and that will make you tired. Getaways are for rejuvenation, so cut out on over loading those bags. Travel light.

5. Not Packing the Shampoos and Creams Tightly

While we are talking about packing here, do remember to tighten those notorious little caps of your shampoo and lotion bottles. If they leak while you are travelling, your baggage will be ruined and so will be your mood. You’ll have to buy new things when you reach your destination, making the trip a little more expensive and messy. A quick tip is to put these lotions in a plastic bag and if possible, pack them separately. So that even if they spill, the rest of the stuff is safe.

6. Wearing Bad Footwear

It’s obvious that you have to walk a lot when you are holidaying away. People tend to pay very little attention to feet care and that gets them into painful and sore problems. Wearing the appropriate footwear on your trips is a must! We know you want to look your best on your holiday, but what’s the use if you ruin your holiday in the process? Ladies, heels a strict no! Save them for cocktail dinner parties.

7. Fearing Street Food

It’s a proven fact that people who love travelling also love food! (If you don’t, some people might judge you). The new place always has something new to try. Some people often fear the street food dismissing it as unhygienic and bad. But that’s so not the case! Street food is the heart of all cities. Don’t fear it; it’s good for your taste buds and soul even if sometimes it’s bad on your tummy. Do pack some medicines if you do not have a sturdy belly, but do try the street food!

8. Wasting Too Much Time in Clicking Photos

A camera is a must on every trip, but avoid over using it. If you waste too much time photographing a view, you’ll miss out on the experience of enjoying it. Facebook can wait, honey.

9. Relying On Tourist Guides

Booking a tourist guide before you take your trip is not a good idea. Playing by the book will take away your freedom of travelling!
Do not follow that travel guide, be your own guide. Travel like a bird, hopping from one destination to another. Enjoy the freedom you get on your vacations and do not get bound by any book! But yes, carry a map if you don’t want to get lost, as sometimes your travel gadgets might not catch good GPS connections. Fly away!

10. Forgetting Your Phone/Laptop Charger

This is classic facepalm. Although it is advisable to just throw yourself in the pool of the pretty and energetic holiday mood without your gadgets ringing so much, but as it’s not possible nowadays, don’t forget those chargers.

The bottom line is to enjoy your trip and not let anything get in the way. No trip can be perfect, but that is what makes them so exciting and amazing!

Happy Holidays!



Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do her life.
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