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Most people suffer from certain travel-related delusions and either steer clear of holidaying abroad or do so only after repeated nagging from family or friends or after their phoren-returned colleague has made them turn green with envy.

These delusions or myths are what we will shatter today. You can thank us by getting us expensive souvenirs from your phoren holiday:

1. Travelling abroad is expensive

The most prevalent notion is that only those people who have oodles of money holiday in foreign locales. Not anymore. Maybe at one point, foreign trips did come at a pocket-pinching price but now you have cheap international holiday packages offering prices that even your driver could afford. 

2. Travelling abroad poses risks

It will hardly matter whether you are planning your honeymoon in Goa or in Pattaya. Yet, some people have this tendency to think that one’s life is at greater risk when one is travelling to an offshore destination. New place, new people – it’s just a fear of the unfamiliar. 

3. Travelling abroad is a big hassle

Now now, if you are such a fussy person, even travelling to your neighbor’s house may appear hassling to you. But there’s hope even for those have never been to Jhumritalaya. Travel agencies these days take care of every little aspect of your journey, from visa to transfers.

4. One should never travel abroad alone

Solo travel is the ultimate joy for a gypsy-hearted fellow. You can choose from the many holiday packages available and travel abroad carefree. Every country has crime, yours too. As a tourist, you visit only touristy places and not really unlit dingy lanes. Those who have travelled solo will tell you how completely liberating it is. Read this account to know why solo travel is not such a bad idea, and that there are people in the world who have no intention of robbing you or pushing a dagger through your heart just because you are a lone traveller.

5. Weekend hotel stays are expensive

Though a weekend hotel stay may be more expensive than a weekday stay, it is not necessarily so. On the contrary, some top resorts and business hotels these days offer very cheap packages for weekends (in fact, cheaper than the weekday packages).

6. It is best to use public transport

Though public transport can be convenient and pocket-friendly in a foreign city, it may be a complete disaster in many cases. Sightseeing, for example, is best done via private cars and on foot so that you can take your own time in exploring an attraction.

7. You must master the basic words of the foreign tongue

If you have bought Thailand honeymoon packages, you don’t mandatorily need to pick up the ‘hellos’ and ‘thank yous’ of the local language. If you can read this (i.e. if you know English), it will do alright. Even if you don’t, you will survive. 

8. You must buy souvenirs to cherish

While sentimental people may like to scoop up handicrafts and leather and potteries and sculpture in the name of souvenirs, truth is that these will add weight to your luggage. If there’s something really unique and small, buy it for yourself. Don’t spend your precious holiday time buying things for you chachis and mamis, and Bunty and Sweety.

9. You should interact with locals

While some of us may be quite outgoing, not all are comfortable in interacting with strangers in an alien land. So though it does help if you can strike up a conversation with the locals, it is not necessary. If you are not comfortable with it, let it be. You will have fun otherwise too.

10. A cruise journey will fatten you up

Another myth, probably floated by starry-eyed girls is that a cruise journey will make you put on weight. A cruise ship is really huge and there is plenty of space to move around (and get tired). Besides, most cruises have gyms, pools and other sporting facilities. It is likely that you will rather drop weight, instead of gaining it.

Ritesh Agarwal is a freelance writer, a passionate blogger, a budding author, a book reviewer and a voracious reader. He loves traveling. He hasn’t traveled much, but loves it nevertheless and satiates his thirsty desires by penning travel-based articles. His short horror & love stories can be read on his blog http://thirstydesires.blogspot.in/. He can be reached through email at ritzy182000@gmail.com.

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