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This is a question that can be answered in a number of ways, with a huge bucket list which you should always keep in your pocket while traveling. It will surely help you to keep your trip within budget and a lot more interesting!

Let us find out what all you can buy with just five dollars around the world:

India - If you are great at bargaining, you can buy almost anything with $5 in India

Where else to start than humara Hindustan! From a Gucci bag in Sarojini Nagar to a Samosa in Le Meridian, you can never run out of “$5 shopping options” here! If you are great at bargaining, you can buy almost anything with $5 in India!

Brazil - Bus or subway tickets

Next on our list is the football world cup host for this year. Sao Pualo and Rio are not very cheap per say but you could definitely buy four bus or subway tickets (one way). It is also possible with this money to buy a gallon of gasoline. No fun with less money here!

Sri Lanka - Delicious Sri Lankan food

By daily living standards, Sri Lanka is a very cheap country to travel through. You want to spend you dose of five dollars? Attack on the delicious Sri Lankan food! The food here is super cheap. A huge mound of rice and a mix of curries for less than $1 per meal, fresh coconut is for $0.36, Fish curry and rice is for $2. Not only food, travel and accommodation can easily be done in under $4. Daily cost of living in Sri Lanka is very low. If you choose to travel to Sri Lanka and are on a low budget you can do things quite cheaply.

Italy - Hot chocolate in the famous historical Caffe’ San Carlo

Italy is an open live museum! Get a hot chocolate in the famous historical Caffe’ San Carlo or enter for free in Saint Peter’s Cathedral and all major Basilicas in Rome, take a photo at the famous Romeo and Juliet’s balcony house in Verona or have a wine tasting of famous Brunello in Montalcino village in Tuscany. Just let Italy make you fall in love with it!

USA - Coffee along with a blueberry muffin

Aah, the most expensive place that is known to mankind! You would surprise how much you can do with just $5 in your pocket here! Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your wife or buy a ticket to your favorite movie at night; enjoy a coffee along with a blueberry muffin or just buy your favorite heels at a flea market, USA can never ever bore you when it comes to “cheap” day out!

Japan - Pre-set Meals

Though very expensive, Japan is one of the most amazing, beautiful, and friendly countries in the world.7-11, Family Mart, and other corner stores have a lot of pre-set meals for $1-3 USD that make for a cheap lunch option; there are many 100 Yen shops in Japan where set meals, groceries, water, toiletries, and household items. And oh, you have to try the Sushi near Tsukiji fish market, it is cheap and to die for!

Istanbul - Spices and clothes

The breathtaking beauty here speaks for itself. You spend those five dollars on spices and clothes here! Go to the Spice Market and the Grand bazar to buy loads of spices; visit the flea market and buy all sorts of clothing from the street. Look out for thugs though here!

Dubai - You can do so much in $5 here that one day will never be enough!

Visit the Spice Souk and fill your bag with hot spices, have a meal at the Creek in just under $2, go skiing in the Mall of the Emirates, take and Abra (a small wooden boat) and enjoy the beauty of Dubai. Do a desert tour; visit the Old Fort or the Jumeirah Park. Just too much to handle!

Paris - Hop in to a cheap bar & grab a meal serving no-nonsense food

We all want to go to Paris at least once right! It is not very light on the pockets but there are many budget friendly things that one can do here. Hop in to a cheap bar like Bar Ourcq If chilling on a deckchair on the banks of a canal or playing pétanque gets you going; grab a meal at BistrotVictoires serving no-nonsense food at generous prices; enjoy free art and free museums or go on a shopping spree in second hand shops!

Costa Rica - A domestic beer

Costa Rica is the perfect spot to press pause and get in tune with nature without breaking the bank. Buy a domestic beer for $4 or enjoy street food under $2 (The Pastelillo and Refresco are a must try!) Travel is very cheap too, varying from $0.30 to $4.8. Enjoy the delicious food, cheap drinks and natural beauty (for free) in this picturesque place!

There and many other places easily allow you to have a bucket full of fun in just $5. Food, music, shopping, sight seeing, the list is just never ending!

Forget luxury and enjoy the small things that become the reason for the biggest smiles!


Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do her life.
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