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It is good to be a gypsy and to travel as much as you can. Travelling is not only liberating but it also widens your horizon and helps you get to know things you never knew or possibly never knew existed. But travelling may also put you under a fix at times. Geography, climate and the element of unfamiliarity may often conspire together to put even the most street smart traveller into a spot of bother. So, how to combat them?

Here we whip up a list of 5 essential travel items without which you should never leave your home:

1. Laptop/iPad/SmartPhone

It is very important to stay connected these days. Some people often float the notion that one should travel without any electronic device so as to experience a gadget-free holiday (which goes on to serve the purpose of this so-called ‘digital detoxification’). But even if you wish to take a hiatus from your social profiles and emails and pings, you need to have an access to Google and Wiki so that you can check up on the nearby hotels, eateries and attractions. Carrying a laptop is legit, but it can be heavy. An alternative will be an iPad or a SmartPhone.

Remember our quote: Only Google, Wiki and WAH are your friends, philosophers and guides.

2. Medicines

Some people (the ones who are over-smart) find it an obnoxious idea to carry a first-aid kit or a medicine box. But the truth is that a journey almost always results in some minor discomfort for the body system. Cruises can make you dizzy, flights can affect your circulation system and long road trips can make you puke.

Remember our quote: When you don’t carry medicines, you will always fall sick. When you do, you will never.

3. A Padlock (Taala Chaabi)

India is a country where even the tattered aluminum mug in the train’s toilet has to be padlocked for fear of theft. So when you are travelling with your documents, rucksack, suitcase and gadgets, you always need to be on guard and keep things padlocked.
Remember our quote: Travel should make your rich, not poor.

4. A Travel Guide

A travel guide can serve dual purposes. Firstly, it can give you an idea of the place you are visiting. You can always consult it to find out a place of accommodation or a place to dine. Secondly, a charmingly written travel guide can keep you engaged when you are getting bored at the airport or have nothing to do during your wearingly long flight.
Remember our quote: “When you have nowhere to hide, your only help is a travel guide.”

5. Travel Charger

Travel charger has become an indispensable item for any gadget freak. But even if you are amongst the few sane sages who are free from tech addiction, you can still find it useful. These chargers are wireless and can help you enliven your dead phones on the go.
Remember our quote: The travel charger is the next best thing invented for backpackers after our holiday packages ;)

Ritesh Agarwal is a freelance writer, a passionate blogger, a budding author, a book reviewer and a voracious reader. He loves traveling. He hasn’t traveled much, but loves it nevertheless and satiates his thirsty desires by penning travel-based articles. His short horror & love stories can be read on his blog http://thirstydesires.blogspot.in/. He can be reached through email at ritzy182000@gmail.com.

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