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How many times has it happened that you hit the movie hall to watch mesmerizing landscapes and alluring arenas which have evoked in you the wish of exploring the true beauty of those places physically? How many times have you sat munching on some delicious pop corn on your cozy couch at home and got inspired by a road trip movie so much as to pack your bags and set forth to unveil the unfathomed paths the very next vacation? Movies have a tremendous potential to motivate and when it comes to those delightful, awe-inspiring travel movies they can truly raise adrenaline levels even in those who are not adventurous in the soul. Here are 10 road trip movies which will indeed beckon you to check out the very places all by yourself or your family.

1. Into the Wild

A must-watch for backpackers and those who are seeking some inspiration to go on a road trip and discover yourself and the world in a whole new way. “Into the World” narrates the true life story of Christopher McCandless. A true wanderer by heart, Candless sets forth to explore the world on road to satiate his thirst for adventure just like Tennyson’s Ulysses in spite of having a prospective career to shower him with all the bliss of a good, rich life post his graduation. His trip brings out a whole new man in him, making him the risk-taker who does not feel daunted to challenge even the most precarious situations nature puts him in.

2. The Motorcycle Diaries

A perfect story of adventure and exploring the rugged beauty of nature on two wheels, The Motorcycle Diaries is once again a true story based on the life journals of Che Guevara, the militant revolutionary of Latin American origin. The plot revolves around two best friends and medical students who hit the road on their respective motorcycles for a five month long trip as a part of their medical training in order to volunteer for the cause of a leper colony situated along the Amazon river. The reverberating beauty of the stunning landscapes of South America come alive as the young Guevara along with his pal goes hiking, rafting and doing what not when they are faced with leaky motorcycles, subtly taking the audience through a social awakening as the two deal with various situations and people on their trip.

3. Sideways

For THOSE yet to savor the beauty and bounty of the wine tasting counties of America, this movie is the push you need to take the trip there. A groom-to-be and a novelist who is reeling under a broken marriage decide to take a road trip through the vineyards of Santa Barbara which takes the audience through some of the most delightful locations in the state of California. From Los Olivos to Lompoc, the enthralling experience that the duo have while tasting wine and trying to identify the varied flavors of nutty cheese and strawberry truly inspire you to go on some wine tasting adventure yourself.

4. Easy Rider

Another movie for the motorcycle freaks Easy Rider is a thorough road trip movie of all time whereby Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda play the role of two fervent bikers off on a journey to experience freedom aboard their bikes across the southern parts of the United States.

5. Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus

The name suggests some Fairytale like connotations but Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus is a hard-core adventure brought forth by the power of drugs. Crystal Fairy played by Gaby Hoffman goes on an adventure spree with Jamie assayed by Michael Cera and his friends from Chile to discover the peyote cactus at some bewitching beach amidst the Atacama desert where they get freaky and indulge in a whole lot of fun and frolic.

6. Wild

A movie to inspire the female adventurous souls, Wild narrates the true tale of adventure of Cheryl Strayed who ventured to cover a trekking experience through 1100 miles after her mother’s demise. The film yet to be released nevertheless brings to the mind the captivating expanse of the Cascade mountains in all their enigma and enormity, rugged terrains, a handful few roads and very less vehicles taken straight from her memoir that was published in 2012 and which inspired this movie starring Reese as the protagonist.

7. Roman Holiday

Who can forget the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn and the handsome Gregory Peck falling head-over-heels in love with each other as they embark on an adventurous journey through the roads of Rome? But apart from the two great actors what makes us fall for the movie is its delectable portrayal of the city and its highlights from the cryptic Mouth of Truth to the tantalizing Trevi Fountains, landmarks which make this city ever-vibrant and enticing.

8. Que Tan Lejos

Two women Tristeza and Esperanza set out on an adventurous hitchhiking venture to Cuenca when the bus they were traveling in is seized by the locals. While one of the girls is a Spanish tourist, the other one is a local taking the trip to prevent her beau from marrying another woman. The movie showcases the stunning sceneries of Ecuador and gives a glimpse into the life of its locals even as one gets to embark on a journey of self realization with the two girls with two different motives.

9. Big Sur

When you watch Big Sur you cannot resist dreaming of going on a trip along the meandering roads of the mesmerizing Pacific coast highways with their wild natural beauty and the azure sea waves lapping on the shores.

10. T Tu Mama Tambien

Although not meant for universal viewing because of its rather smutty scenes, the movie nevertheless gives a peek into the crude real life of poverty which any backpacker would definitely experience sometime on his backpacking journeys. The plot revolves around two best pals who woo an older woman to embark on a road trip journey with them to a beautiful island which in reality does not exist. When she gives the nod they find a beach that exactly matches their description of that cryptic solitary beach island and sets forth to explore it only to indulge in a whole lot of conflict, jealousies and passion on the way to their destination.

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