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Disclaimer- The following article features exaggerated statements and should not be trusted blindly!

Are you a couch potato desperately trying to lose those extra kilos? Or are you the one who thinks walking in central park is an ‘adventure’? There is one stop solution for you guys! Date a traveller! Sounds easy right? Well trust me it’s not!

Here is a list of all that is in store for you if you fall head over heals for a traveller!

YOUR GYM AT HOME. Well not really at home!

Lazy days on a couch are over!

For starters, you CANNOT be lazy! When he/she wants to go on a trek you have to just pack and move. If it sounds too hard, you’re right it is, but you’ll start liking it. Especially because the process of getting ready for a trip is certainly not easy but when you reach the destination you’ll forget all the pains that went into making it happen. Also you’re sure to be all fit after two trips I bet you! One backpack and walking a few kilometres is all you’ll be doing for a few days and voila everyone is going to envy your shapely body!


The world is your playground!

It is obvious that you’ll get to travel when you date a traveller. But what’s interesting is you’ll get to see all the offbeat and unheard of places because he/she wants to see them all. It could be a little pond or an almost dead waterfall or even a hunt for an oasis.


He/she will know of the cheapest way to travel, cheapest places to stay and the cheapest of the cheap places to eat. That’s great right? Travelling on a small budget is good for everyone’s well being!


Your very own crowd-catcher!

He/she will know almost everything about every place. The perk of this is you’ll feel lucky, awesome and proud in public gatherings! Somewhere inside you’ll be asking yourself “Oh wow, where and how did I find him/her?”



No burning holes in your pocket!

You don’t need to look for expensive gifts or arrange for a fancy date in a 5-star for special occasions. He/she is bound to be un-materialistic and so you will not need to do rounds of malls to get them that special something. Maybe just hop on a bus for the next trip and enjoy a nice bonfire! Oh ya, but that also means no ‘expensive’ and ‘fancy’ gifts for you too. Bittersweet eh?



10:00 pm- Picture Uploaded
10:05 pm- 100+ Likes!

You’ll suddenly be a rage on your social networking site! Why? Well your travel partner is sure to have a good camera and a good hand at photography. Those un-posed pictures with a picture perfect location with birds in the background and your hair flying and you looking your absolute best! You’ll have a portfolio without even paying anyone! You’ll be an absolute Facebook/ Instagram DIVA with likes and comments flowing in! Flattering huh?


SO the bottom line is you have to be active and enthusiastic at all times and you can never almost never throw tantrums about the road being too bumpy or the getting bitten by mosquitoes! Being with a traveller means you better learn his/her ways and I assure you it’ll be a pretty interesting journey to live their way.

Simrat Ahluwalia

The interest in travel comes naturally to her, thanks to having been raised in a fauji family. She yearns to explore far-off places and travel to lands she has not seen. In her own admission, she tries real hard to be funny but fails miserably every single time. We feign laughter at her jokes whenever she gets her mom's-special cheese macaroni.

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