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The interest in travel comes naturally to her, thanks to having been raised in a fauji family. She yearns to explore far-off places and travel to lands she has not seen. In her own admission, she tries real hard to be funny but fails miserably every single time. We feign laughter at her jokes whenever she gets her mom's-special cheese macaroni.

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Dating a Traveller!

Disclaimer- The following article features exaggerated statements and should not be trusted blindly! Are you a couch potato desperately trying to lose those extra kilos? Or are you the one who thinks walking in central park is an ‘adventure’? There is one stop solution for you guys! Date a traveller! Sounds easy right? Well trust(…)

Top 10 Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok in Thai is called Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep. In actuality the full name of the city is so long that it’ll take up 3 lines on a piece of paper (163 letters to be exact), so we’ll just stick to the English translation of Krung Thep i.e. ‘City of Angels’.(…)

25 Places You Must Visit in Delhi

Delhi is a lot more than just a city of love. It is the absolute combination of tradition and modernity. A city with innumerable monuments on one hand and a world class airport and metro on the other. Street food, shopping malls, thrifty shopping places, religious places, theatre; you name it and Delhi has it!(…)