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The arrival of kids changes not only the way you live but also the way you travel. Right from travel cribs, strollers, diaper bags to toys, travelling with kids entails a lot more than you wish to think about.

So, before you decide to welcome your precious bundle of joy why not plan a light vacation with your partner! After all pushing a stroller around is not as much fun as carrying endless shopping bags or lazing on the beach with your partner.

Here’s a pre-kids bucket list of exotic destinations you should visit before you have children.

New Zealand

This is a place that’s jam packed with exciting things to do. From skiing to hiking, get an adrenaline rush with a host of thrilling activities. If you’ve had your fill of adventure then relax in the hot pools and the exotic vineyards.  Be sure you give yourself a lot of time to explore and enjoy the magnificent landscape and coastline (staying outdoors for long hours may not be welcomed by your kids). 


Cambodia’s beaches are often overlooked in favour in Thailand’s. Enjoying the beauty of the white sands and peace provided by the atmosphere, lovers are sure to have those romantic moments that they’ll cherish forever. Unrivaled in its beauty and tranquility, Angkor Wat encourages quiet contemplation. All these experiences can be best enjoyed without a bassinet in hand!


Blessed with abundant natural treasures and scenic beauty, Vietnam is the right place to satiate not just your hunger for adventure but also for mesmerizing landscape. Find peace in a sacred temple or explore an immense network of underground tunnels, called Cu Chi Tunnels. Vietnam’s oriental charm surpasses its peers in diverse ways. You don’t want to feel weary even before you’ve experienced what all this place has to offer.


The amazing and colossal monuments will leave you with a sense of wonder. The magic, mystery and pleasure that this place unfolds make it a perfect getaway for people who want to experience something wonderful and enigmatic. A romantic cruise in the longest river of the world is exciting and rejuvenating. A journey through the desert’s attractive wildlife, flora and fauna is not advisable for little kids due to extreme weather conditions.

Hawaii, USA

Snorkeling in Molokini

No wonder its gorgeous and lush natural beauty makes it one of the perfect honeymoon spots. But this island is more than just a romantic destination. Be it biking down the volcano or snorkeling in Molokini, one of the world’s best diving spots, you won’t be able to do any of these with a baby.

South Africa

Soak up in Kimberley’s rich diamond and drink history or encounter unique wildlife on a safari. For all those passionate about endearing animals, South Africa offers the most exciting experience.


This wonderfully diverse country is bound to weave a rich experience of treasured memories. It’s the place that encourages you to embrace the romantic clichés like walking hand-in-hand so going without children would give you the needed ‘alone time’. It’s a paradise for connoisseur of  food, art, fashion and culture.


Cited as the hottest tourist destination in the Mediterranean, Cyprus with its rolling hills and forest clad mountains dotted with picturesque villages is quite unique to explore. The ‘Island of Aphrodite’ with its heavenly golden beaches offers a breathtaking experience.

Arizona, USA

If the Grand Canyon will take your breath away then the hot air balloon ride will leave you wanting for more. Endless outdoor adventure, world-class golf, and unparalleled shopping destination – this is just the beginning of what all you can experience here. All this doesn’t really sound kid-friendly.


A country known for its beach tourism, Spain is a kaleidoscope of vibrant cities and amazing cultural attractions. Get lured by the bait of diverse tourist traps like Toledo if you want to discover the rich artistic and cultural history of Spain, the city of Cordoba that’s an awesome testament of three great cultures: Islam, Judaism and Christianity and many more.

Travel, explore and experience because great bedtime stories are not simply read out from books but truly lived.

Priyata is a daydreamer, glutton and a storyteller bitten by the travel bug. For her, humour is the best medicine and ‘Being Humorous’ is the best thing one can be.

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