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Priyata is a daydreamer, glutton and a storyteller bitten by the travel bug. For her, humour is the best medicine and ‘Being Humorous’ is the best thing one can be.

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10 Beautiful Gems in the UK

From murky caves to craggy coastlines, UK bristles with dynamic geological structures. This tiny island conjures up dramatic wonders, offering spectacular tourist attractions. If you’ve always been fascinated by folklore and the mysterious workings of nature, wait till you visit these places. You will be impressed by the strangeness of its enigmatic beauty. Here’s a(…)

Things to do in Dubai - Top 15

Dubai really knows how to create headlines! Call it impressive or mind boggling– from seven star properties to manmade islands to underwater hotels – this city knows how to pique people’s curiosity. No wonder this ‘getaway between the east and the west’ has successfully earned its reputation as a tourism, trade and logistics hub. Just(…)

Top 10 Places to Visit Before Having a Baby

The arrival of kids changes not only the way you live but also the way you travel. Right from travel cribs, strollers, diaper bags to toys, travelling with kids entails a lot more than you wish to think about. So, before you decide to welcome your precious bundle of joy why not plan a light(…)

Top 10 Beaches in Goa

Famously known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Goa with its magnificent natural beauty is a paradise for tourists. Dotted with swaying palm and coconut trees along with comfortable shacks offering a variety of refreshments, it’s a wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From sightseeing to solitude, the beaches have something(…)

Top 10 National Parks in India

From diverse flora and fauna to exotic wildlife, India boasts of a charming landscape for any nature lover. If you love exotic wildlife, transcending natural beauty and tranquillity then add these top 10 National Parks to your bucket list. 10.Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan Dotted with several lakes and rivers, the Ranthambore National Park lies at(…)

History of Valentine’s Day: Stupid cupid, is it you again?

February 14th has been celebrated as the day of love since the Middle Ages. Even if you’re not a romantic, you’ll be surprised to know that in many places across the globe, Valentine’s Day isn’t only about gifts and chocolates. The Most Popular Story We all know that 14th February is celebrated to commemorate the(…)

10 Most Haunted Places of India

One of the many childhood memories that I am sure is common to everyone is interest in horror stories. Remember the vacation time with your cousins, when everybody sat in a candlelit room either planning to call a ghost through some mysterious board game, or narrated ghost stories of their own (which none would have(…)