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If travelling solo is in your wish list then now is the time to get out and get going. Take a leap and venture into the unknown.

If the issue of safety is holding you back, then leave behind all your worries.

Take your pick from the ten best cities across the world for solo women travelers.

1. Seoul, South Korea

With its interesting blend of tradition and the modern, Seoul has a lot to offer to first time travelers. This picturesque city is high on food, fashion and innovation. It’s a city that comes to life at night. With amazing shopping attractions like Myeondong, Dongdaemun Market, Namdaemun Market, Itaewon and Insadong and delectable food fair, you only have to worry about yourself and nothing else.

2. Stockholm, Sweden

This beautiful city beckons travelers from all the across the world. The warm and friendly nature of people makes it a favourite destination among solo women travelers. Put on your dancing shoes, go for a picnic (parks and gardens make up one third of Stockholm) or get acquainted with groundbreaking contemporary art by visiting Moderna Museet and National Museum.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the safest countries tour in Europe. Start your discovery with a canal tour. The canals which were essential to defense and transport in the 17th century give this city a different perspective. It is an experience to remember. Explore the Dutch art, remember Anne Frank by visiting the Anne Frank House, excite your senses with the rich vibrancy of tulips at Bloemenmarkt or the Flower Market. Just hop on a bus or rent a bicycle and you’re set to have fun.

4. Sydney, Australia


Just like the Koala bears, the people are immensely adorable. No matter if you’re a city slicker, culture vulture or a beach bum, Sydney is a place to fall in love with. A shopping, sporting and cultural haven, Sydney has an endless gamut of attractions to entertain visitors. Come face-to-face with its diverse wildlife or get captivated by the Sydney Opera House, one of the modern wonders of the world.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

The city has a wealth of attractions to lure, and at the same time satiate the explorer inside you. Set against the backdrop of Arthur’s seat, the Pentland Hills and Edinburgh’s Waterfront, this is a unique place of changing skies and beautiful vista. Revel in the cultural jamboree often referred to as ‘festival’ or take a walk down the memory lane by visiting the magnificent castles adorning the city. Don’t forget to savour the rich history of Scotch.

6. Reykjavik, Iceland

Home to mesmerizing landscape, this small and attractive city is famous as a friendly and culturally rich place. Whether you fancy an exciting sea adventure or a colourful and entertaining nightlife, you will be surprised and impressed by what you can experience here.

7. Hue, Vietnam

It’s a kaleidoscope of cheerful people and breathtaking landscape. A very pocket friendly place where solo female travelers feel welcomed. If you’re scared of losing your way in this incredibly beautiful city then don’t worry. The locals are extremely helpful. So ease and lose yourself in its splendor!

8. Auckland, New Zealand

If getting wild is your thing, then this is the place for you. Explore the beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, sparkling waters or the iconic volcanoes. The friendly locals and the ease of communication makes this an excellent spot for solo women explorers.

9. Santiago, Chile

Chile is often cited as the Switzerland of South America. From its unique nightlife starting at happy hours, interesting museums to imaginative graffiti murals, Santiago is cleaner and safer than most of its South American neighbours. Its idyllic position between the Andean highlands and the Pacific coast makes it a favourite with daydreamers.

10. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has myriad tourist attractions to suit different interests. Dublin, the heart of Ireland is extremely women friendly, making it easier for solo female travelers to befriend locals. Be it exploring the phenomenal countryside or heading down to the local pub, enjoy and relax at Dublin without any worries.  

It’s time to sail away from the harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore, dream and discover.

Priyata is a daydreamer, glutton and a storyteller bitten by the travel bug. For her, humour is the best medicine and ‘Being Humorous’ is the best thing one can be.

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