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Europe beckons you to soak in its beauty till you feel satiated to the last drops. But you are on a thrifty budget of 1 Lakh which is pulling you back from making a Europe vacation plan. Do not fret for even with the Euros up you can well visit most of this captivating continent’s delightful destinations without crashing your savings. For a whole cauldron of things in Europe can be enjoyed without spending a single penny from London’s British Museum to Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Not to speak of the several Bed and Breakfasts and the mind blowing gastronomic joints waiting to render you with sumptuous treats at prices that suit your pocket. So here are 5 European cities that you could contemplate on taking up for your next budget vacation.

Tuscany, Italy

If you are planning a European trip, you surely cannot miss out on Italy’s splendor and with a relatively less budget in hand, Tuscany can surely live up to your dreams of lounging in Europe’s beauty. Tuscany brims in spectacular landscapes and breathtaking villages and towns which have ample motels and bed and breakfast inns to proffer you a comfortable and cozy accommodation. When in Tuscany, head over to San Gimignano for a day’s stay to adore the magnificent medieval architecture that this small-walled hill town of Tuscany is famous for. The soaring towers are real architectural wonders and give you a glimpse into medieval Italy’s artistic exuberance. You will not have to spend much visiting the 13 towers that remain today while the town’s delectable food joints will satisfy your taste buds to the core without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Strasbourg, France

Every nook and corner of France oozes in its scintillating history and while you may be drawn towards its fashionable extravaganza, nothing can lend you with greater delight than some days immersed in French culture. And what better way to drown in the vigor of French culture and history than a visit to the Capital of the European Union, Strasbourg? Nestled along the Rhine River, this city in France offers you a wholesome experience of savoring its ambrosial delicacies, enthralling yourself with the unique charm of the setting and relieving your senses from all the hustles and bustles of urban life as you stroll through the petite neighborhoods. Most of the things here can be experienced for free or by shelling out a few pennies from your pocket from the grand Cathedral to the captivating channels that envelope the whole city. Not to speak of the scrumptious French food that you get to pamper your tummies with which are available at even small roadside joints in equally delightful aromas and flavors.

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To get a taste of Europe’s cold-war cryptic culture and contemporary architecture in its full bloom you ought to be in Berlin. Berlin’s enigma lies in its Oriental-meets-Occidental cultural cauldron, a fact which you are sure to notice at every lane or street you take to. You can put up at one of the minimalist rooms which are no less stylish in their small stature and are hot favorites among backpackers preferring to stay at the Mitte district for its easy accessibility to the attractions around. For those seeking to take something home from German soil, Bioladen would be the apt place to go shopping for organic food products and Dr. Hauschka body products all of which are available in this boutique at 30 percent cheaper prices.

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Western Ireland

If you have read the tragedy by J.S.Synge “Riders to the Sea” or have watched “Man of Aran” the much acclaimed movie of 1934 you will know the mysticism that forms the essence of Western Ireland. On your trip to this part of the Irish county you can even put up at the thatched cottage which featured in the movie and which has turned out to be a comfortabe bed and breakfast inn serving delightful Irish meals on budget. There are several affordable pubs to try out as well, some of them like the Smuggler’s Creek Inn even offering accommodation at cheap rates along with their sumptuous Irish delicacies like roast monkfish, Atlantic prawns and lemongrass risotto with fennel and garlic that offer you hearty bites without crashing your wallet.

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With its small area and accessible and easily recognizable lanes and streets Barcelona gives its visitors the opportunity to marvel at its attractions merely on foot, thus saving you hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise need to spend on transport. The Gaudi architecture is a real treat to the eyes while the vibrant nightlife that this Spanish city is enlivened will draw party lovers to its lap.

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So the next time you have a stingy budget to take care of before flying off for a vacation, consider opting for these European cities for a memorable holiday without going bankrupt.


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