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Perhaps you like beautiful landscapes painted in vibrant strokes or like to admire the intricate details of a portrait, the strong lines of a fine sculpture or the brilliance of a gilded ceiling. Here is a sampling of what awaits the quintessential art connoisseurs across the world.


Appolo Gallery at Paris’ Louvre Museum

Of course we had to start with Paris! Home to hundreds of museums, Paris is a piece of art in itself. The first contender is definitely the world famous Louvre Museum, which houses art from almost every time period in history, from the Greek and Roman eras up until the Renaissance period. Next is Musée d’Orsay, which is a must-see for all fans of Impressionist art. Just the museums here can occupy you for about a whole week! Then you have the spell-binding architecture of the churches such as Notre Dame and Sacre Cour and even the very bridges of this city lull you into artistic romance. Everywhere you turn in Paris there is beauty and history waiting for your attention.

Must Do in ParisA walk around the narrow and steep cobble-stoned lanes of the Montmartre area in Paris is a must for all art lovers. You will encounter street artists, crowded cafes and a drum circle or two!


The Rijksmuseum

Yes they have canals, bicycles, the red light district and smokey coffee shops…but what people fail to realise is that the real gem of Amsterdam is its art! Netherlands has been home to a plethora of famous artists, Van Gogh and Rembrandt to name a few. The city’s largest museum, the Rijksmuseum, is a grand palace in itself and houses Rembrandt’s famous painting The Night Watch, Van Gogh’s Starry Night among several works of other prominent Dutch artists. However, Amsterdam’s most visited museum remains the Van Gogh Museum, a shining tribute to the life and eccentricities of the artist, who was almost blind in most of his active years. If you are in the mood for modern art then you can hop into the nearby Stedelijk Museum for paintings by the likes of Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Kandinsky. One thing’s for sure, if it is magnificent paintings that you want to see, you won’t be disappointed in this city!

Tip: Even the hotels in this city are true to the sentiment of art. You’d find rooms decorated with ropes and wires at Exchange Hotel, fancy emporium-styled room at Hotel Droog, and many such quirky facilities.

New York City

A Broadway Show

Moving away from classical aspects of art into more modern and urban tastes, it cannot get better than New York. The energy and buzz of the city is palpable as you stroll through. Walk the ‘Museum Mile’ beside Central Park and visit the largest museum in USA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art where you can plunge yourself into ancient historic archives of items from all around the world. A stone’s throw away is the iconic Guggenheim museum home to modern and contemporary paintings or you could also visit the Museum of Modern Art which is home to several sublime Monets and Van Gogh’s mesmerising ‘Starry Night’. While here, how can one forget the theatre?! Make sure you take in at least one show on Broadway to experience world-class performance art. So watch out for the traffic and the dazzle of Times Square while you get art fix in this eternally moving city!


The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Art lovers visiting London would be delighted with the South Kensington area of this culture capital. This locality houses the three main museums of London, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the most famous Victoria and Albert museum for arts. Our recommendation in London would be to check out the Royal Albert Hall and see if you can take in a classical concert there. And may be for kicks you may also want to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street (no kidding!)… you won’t find Mr. Cumberbatch there but you are sure to enjoy the mystery and suspense of it all!


Fontana di Trevi

There is so much to see here that perhaps it’s best that you find a month or two of your life to stay here and soak it all in! This one is specifically for the lovers of architecture…you cannot walk a few steps here without tripping over ancient history. Be it the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine or the Pantheon, Rome will plunge you into a crash course in architecture whether you like it or not! The exquisite buildings are sure to keep you engaged for quite a while. A must see is the Trevi fountain… which is a virtual ode in stone to God of water. The Sistine Chapel with its famous frescos in Vatican City are not to be missed either.


Museum of Folk and Tribal Arts


Delhi Crafts Festival

Set amongst old and enduring monuments the city is home to the National Gallery of Modern Art as well as established institutions such as the School of Arts and Aesthetics. While here you could check out the Academy of Fine Arts and Literature in the Siri Fort area which houses three well-appointed museums one among which is the Museum of Folk and Tribal Arts. You will find little art gems wandering through Hauz Khas Village. Be sure to check out events at the India Habitat Centre which showcases paintings as well as performing arts in various forms. The city also has one of India’s best theatre festivals. Add to this the fact that at every turn one encounters a monument, a tomb, a piece of art, and Delhi becomes an unparalleled destination for the art fanatic.

Must do: One can’t leave the city without visiting its bazaars… places like Dilli Haat, Janpath and Chandni Chowk are positively brimming with handicrafts, traditional clothes, odd knick knacks and yummy street food – the average art lover is sure to go crazy here.

Tejasvi Hari Krishna

Tejasvi Hari Krishna is an erstwhile lawyer who is now in hot pursuit of becoming a travel journalist. She loves trying weird foods, experiencing new places and sharing notes with other travel freaks like herself.
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