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It seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie. You look into a stark wintery night landscape and are greeted by a sky full of fluorescent green and red curtains. No… this is not Mars or Saturn… this is our very own third rock from the Sun. The phenomenon of what is commonly known as the Northern Lights has captured the human imagination for ages. You must have heard of storm-chasers… but how about setting out to chase a set of mystical lights?

Where in the world?!!

An Igloo resort in Finland

So did we pique your interest yet? The great part about chasing the Lights is the really cool places you get to visit (ummm… we mean ‘cool’ quite literally here!). The Northern Lights usually occur in the polar as well as the region slightly below the polar zone. The guys in the lab coats call this the ‘auroral belt’.  So the regions with the front-row seats are northern Canada, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Alaska and sometimes even northern Scotland!

All in good time…

It’s magic

When do the Lights come out to play you ask? Well apparently we are all in luck. For the next few months until April we will be able to see the Lights quite often in the auroral belt. But do a little bit of homework before you go coz’ you need clear night skies and you might have to wait a while to spot these unpredictable occurrences. But never fear… there are lots of mini adventures to be had while you wait for the Lights to come on!

The Side Shows

There are currently lots of travel companies dedicated to chase your Auroras with you. And they have come up with great things to do in the places that you visit apart from sighting the actual auroras.

A cruise under the Northern Lights

  • Phew! Who knew there was so much to do in cold climes??!!You could go cross-country skiing, enjoy a husky safari or build your own igloo.
  • Another option is to take a cruise along the Norwegian coast accompanied by astronomers who share information about all that you witness.
  • Or you could enjoy some freshly caught king crab at a snow hotel or while camping outdoors in a traditional Sami tent.

So strap on your snow shoes and jump into your thermals, people! Yes… we know it’s all because of solar storms and magnetic fields, but when you see your own cosmic laser show the only words you will be left with is… ‘it’s magical!’

Tejasvi Hari Krishna

Tejasvi Hari Krishna is an erstwhile lawyer who is now in hot pursuit of becoming a travel journalist. She loves trying weird foods, experiencing new places and sharing notes with other travel freaks like herself.

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