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Don’t we all lust after those stunning landscape pictures on glossy magazine pages? That close-up shot of the tiger caressing its mate, the rare moment when a bear rolls on its back in the mud. If we were left disappointed that we didn’t spot a tiger on that safari, we turn to the gods of wildlife photography whose brilliant captures beat the naked eye every time. Here are ten of the best wildlife photographers you must follow.

Kirk Norbury

Based in Scotland, Norbury is a wildlife and nature photographer who instills sheer magic in his clicks. Originally from England, the talented man is best known for his time lapses and stills. The Icelandic peaks and the shots of quails up close have moved his name into my list of faves. Flick through his work to feel like a bird and come back to read more.

Elliot Neep

Another wildlife-nature clicker who has been snapping with his Nikon relentlessly. What I love about his photos are the finer details that get captured. The herd of deer he clicks is not a big deal but the images seem to deliver the breezy rustle the deer might have felt at that moment. Such is the life Neep’s photos come with!

Jess Findlay

A young name in a list that boasts experience, Findlay endeared me to his photography with one shot of a fox, half hidden in a mound of snow. Just 20 years in kitty and the young man has translated animal emotions into reality via his photographs.

Christopher Dodds

Belonging to Quebec, this is one photographer you need to follow if you adore wildlife photography. With a masterpiece such as Bald Eagle to his credit, he needs no further elaboration.

Mike Cavaroc

Capturing the essence of what it means to be free in wilderness, Cavaroc impresses with shots of animals that seem to emote. Free-range is his forte and that makes us so in love with his work.

Greg du Toit

An elephantine magnanimity- that is what Toit’s images evoke. Honored with the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 2013, his photographs speak a language best listened to—without trying to comprehend in totality.

Brian Skerry

Capturing life under water is no mean feat. More so when your subject is a blue whale. Skerry has captured our attention since that click. And today we are proud to list him here.

Cyril Ruoso

A shot of chimpanzees wrecking heads and hands over their hunt, pushed Ruoso to popularity. Today he is among the most-in-demand wildlife photographers in the world. With his prowess, Tanzanian forests can come alive even on your laptop.

Danny Green

Coastal bears and how they prepare for a salmon feast can tickle your love for the wild. And when someone called Danny Green captures such shots to perfection, you know that there is another wildlife clicker who is must-follow.

Richard Peters

A superb hand at capturing images that can be double-edged, Peters made to our list due to his Three Stooges photograph. While the grey owls looked stunned, the enormity of their hole against their fierceness made the click a winning one. These wildlife photographers are not the only ‘best’ we have around. However, following them could catalyze your own bend of mind and like me—you could fall in love with travelling through pages instead of actually flying high!


Satarupa is a chatterbox always on the move. While Amritsar is her personal favorite, she aspires to visit any place that can be romantic! A word-monger addicted to all things travel and to the awesome food she gets to lick on each trip.
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