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Vacations are meant to be fun, but do long journeys on the road spark the same streak of excitement in you? In most cases, you would just frown and get jittery thinking about the hours you have to spend in a closed moving vehicle, whether you have chosen to hit the road in your own car or hop on a train.

If you are not the one behind the steering wheel, your boredom is likely to permeate the one who is actually doing the job of transporting you to the destination. And it can get all the more difficult if you have kids along. We’re not talking about post college, crazy graduation road trips, we’re talking about regular family trips. Throwing tantrums is simply not an option, so here are 10 activities which will help enliven your journey, and make it fun!

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Music, Movies and More

Music is always your best companion. So even before you pack your clothes pack your favourite music for the road to listen on your car music system. If everyone on the trip has different tastes in music, then I suggest you keep your fancy phones and i-pods charged and don’t forget your headphones. The general rule is, the driver is in charge of the car stereo.

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Playing Games

Traveling with your tiny tots? Turn your journey into an exciting one with those age-old travel games that your Granny taught you to keep you busy when you used to run amok in the train. Think up a name of a celebrity and ask your kids to guess it by throwing 20 questions. Check out if you still possess a good memory to challenge them with a game on Place names. Or just indulge in some moments of laughter with wacky games like whispering weird things in each other’s ears and then saying it aloud.

Sight-Seeing Stop

Sight-seeing need not be restricted to only where your final destination is. All through your journey you can stop and take a peek at a roadside Church with that big bell, watch the turtles play along the pond water and catch a glimpse of the breathtaking countryside. Ask locals about the significant landmarks and attractions around and you are sure to come upon a whole list of them on your intermittent breaks.

Treating Tummies

What better way to while away the time than treating your taste buds to some delectable snacks? If you have filled up your travel goody bag with all of your favorite tidbits you have plenty of time to nibble at them every now and then. And whenever you come across an eatery that looks interesting, smells good or has a buzzing crowd, you can stop and see what all the fuss is about! Such stops can be perfect excuses for taking bathroom breaks as well.

Travel Magazine Browsing

Did you get the opportunity to check out your vacation spot well before you took off on your journey? Probably not! With all the packing and planning keeping you absolutely tied up you hardly had the time to even plan your itinerary well. Make the most of your train or car journey to scour through the places around your vacation spot and the things they are famous for. You can even chalk out an itinerary based on which things you would want to see first and how much time you would like to devote to each of them. Of course, you have to make sure you have your travel magazine handy with you in your travel kit.

Puzzle Solving Activities

Sudoku and Crossword Puzzle fascinate you. So bring them to trigger the grey areas in your brain while you sit idle during the journey. If you are aboard a train, place them on the tray table or let your laptop do the job of holding them when traveling in a car. Get a puzzle book or do some online research to find ones that will hold your interest.

Indulge in Regional Detouring

How about watching the local lassies dancing to the tunes of folk music or taking a detour along the way to pass through some exotic rural pastures? Although you might be losing on some time, it pays to give your mind and body some relief and indulging in some quick rendezvous with the local people and fanfare. You can even enjoy some bonhomie with the villagers by sipping on some hot home-made tea and smacking delicacies before you set forth on the journey once more.

Capture Photos

Vacations are always special and so are the journeys which are filled with happiness, fun-filled opportunities and an excitement which one cannot describe in words. So how about freezing these moments in your camera? Catch your kids laugh while they play, seize your hubby’s relaxed expressions even while he is driving and hold your camera out to freeze the landscapes that you pass by. You can capture every moment of happiness of your vacation from the start till your come back home to turn them all into a beautiful trip photo album.

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Knit Box

If you have inherited the knack of sewing and knitting from your Granny, nothing can give you more pleasure than indulging in some quiet moments of knitting. If your destination is somewhere up on the mountains where you are likely to be amidst snow or experience freezing temperatures knit some woolly scarves for your little angels or cute little woolen caps for your little ones. Needless to say they will be more than thrilled to get in front of the mirror wearing your cute little vacation gifts.


Munchies are such a big part of road trips, they provide for the most enduring memories. Passing a bag of your favorite crisps or chocolates around while enjoying some great conversations. Also, buying local munchies as you pass by different places is also a lot of fun. Just make sure they’re hygienic; you do not want to get sick on the road!

With such fascinating activities to try out, you are sure to love your road trips and pep up your adventurous spirit a notch higher.


Satarupa is a chatterbox always on the move. While Amritsar is her personal favorite, she aspires to visit any place that can be romantic! A word-monger addicted to all things travel and to the awesome food she gets to lick on each trip.
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