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It’s that time of the year again. A brand new year knocking on your doors. Parties, holidays, get-togethers, New Year resolutions. Do you know which cities see the best celebrations, the grandest fireworks, and the best crowds? Here are the best places to spend your New Year’s Eve in.

Las Vegas

The world’ best party town becomes even better on New Year’s Eve. Hotels, clubs, casinos push the glam quotient way up with their best shows and entertainers on NYE. The four-mile-long Strip that sees revelers partying, drinking, singing since the road becomes a vehicle-free region starting from 6 p.m. And of course, they are fireworks dazzling the sky. 


New Year is the time when the stiff upper lip cracks. The English city does not lack in drama. The crowd keeps the countdown with Big Ben, and the fireworks go off soon as the grand old clock strikes midnight. The most roaring crowd is seen at the London Eye, beside River Thames. Westminster Bridge is one of the best locations to see the fireworks.

All party places – pubs, discos, restaurants – welcome party hoppers till late hours. And the English city can never lag behind in theatre can it? There are plenty of great shows running in theatres, and the audience even get the opportunity to celebrate NYE with the cast and crew of the shows!


Be the first to say hello to the New Year. Each year Sydney Harbour witnesses a spectacular display of fireworks. There are two displays – the 9pm Family Display and the Midnight Fireworks. The grand event is attended by over a million people gathered at the Sydney harbour every year, and watched by a billion people worldwide (yes, it is televised across the globe).

Make sure you find a nice viewing spot on the promenade. There are several restaurants and clubs that offer combos of music, drinks, and views of the fireworks. Luxury cruises are on offer too, but er, they might be too expensive.


If any place can compete with Las Vegas for hosting great parties, it’s Miami. If you want to attend the craziest parties, head to South Beach. The place is packed with revelers out to dance their way into the New Year. The balmy weather and the all-night dance-a-thons set the temperatures sizzling. The dance parties are many and varied – from techno beats in modern pubs to Ibiza-style quaint casinos. For some great family fun, one can also head to Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando.

Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan

Full moon parties are organized every month at this party island of Thailand. Steer clear of the freezing cold, of the expensive cocktails, and uptight crowd. Party-goers flock to Haad Rin Beach in hordes and dance away all night. No one here cares about posh dresses or spectacular fireworks – it’s just drink, dance, party. For those who like their NYE a little mellow, a New Year’s Eve dinner cruise down the Chao Phraya River is a lovely romantic option. 

Hong Kong

The Chinese can do anything. Hong Kong displays one of the best fireworks shows in the world. The grand extravaganza starts with the Symphony of Lights display which lights up 45 buildings on the city’s skyline. The main display happens above Victoria Harbour, the celebrations including the traditional countdown and ball drop. 


Berlin is high on party, music, food and culture, and that is evident in its celebrations too. The city’s most famous party happens under the sky on a strip of road, popularly called ‘Party Mile’ that stretches from Brandenburg Gate and goes all the way to Victory Column. The entire strip is lined with party tents, food kiosks, music and dance stages cropping up here and there, and fancy laser lights completing the picture of a wonderland. 

Nishi Jain spent some precious years of her life studying English literature, editing novels, and writing newspaper articles. Then one day, as she was sitting under a tree with no branches, a rotten pancake fell on her head from the window above and she had her Newtonian moment. From then on, all she does is eat pancakes, write, and profess fake love to pastry chefs.

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