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India- a country which summons to mind images of snake-charmers and monkeys frolicking on streets, a nation where you witness slums and skyscrapers residing side by side, a place where people indulge in merry making and festivities all through the year.

Beaming with its rich history and heritage, captivating culture, diverse communities and cuisines and landscapes that evoke awe, India is truly incredible tinged with intriguing colours and cryptic charisma that no other country in the world possesses. With its majestic mountains, wondrous waterfalls, lush lakes and vibrant valleys the nation is just the place where a backpacker would love to tread on to explore the unfathomed beauty that lies in its every corner. So if you are an adventure aficionado ready to brave the challenges which this country places in front of you, here are some of the most backpacker-friendly destinations that welcome you to their lap.

Leh Ladakh

A true paradise on earth, the pristine beauty of this Buddhist land of LehLadakh remains indubitable and unparalleled to any other place across the globe. Magnificent monasteries beckon you to spend some time away from the maddening crowd amidst their soothing, serene lap, the snow-capped mountains proffer perfect trails for trekking for adventure buffs while the bonhomie of the people touch your heart to the core. In the midst of your backpacking tour if you wish to take some souvenirs back home, the place will mesmerize you with its impeccable handicrafts and exquisite jewellery items that are beautifully crafted by its artisans.


Jaipur, with its vibrant street markets bubbling with a kaleidoscopic array of wares, its mighty palaces and forts luring tourists from all over the globe to unveil its treasure troves of beauty. Whether you choose to admire the awe-inspiring palaces or hit the markets to go on shopping sprees, this city of Rajasthan is indeed a place where you can conveniently travel with your rucksack and your hat with several affordable accommodations available. Not to forgetthe delightful gourmet and lip smacking sweets that are a must-have even when you are going on an adventure tour.


A sprightly town gleaming in its potpourri of culture, religion and mystic beauty of its sprawling deserts, Pushkar no doubt happens to be one of the most coveted places for backpackers traveling in India. A plethora of temples dot this holy city some of the famous ones being the Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Rangnath Temple, Apteshwara Temple and the Gurudwara Singh Sabha which attract religious tourists from all over the country to its soil. The vast expanse of golden sands with camels treading through its oases, the holy Pushkar Lake and the famous Pushkar Fair held once every year make this place an ultimate destination that blends religion with the spirit of frenzy festivities and culture.


Leave all your woes and worries and enjoy some moments of bliss and solitude amidst Mother Nature’s beauty and bounty with Munnar’s perfectly laid-back atmosphere. Strewn with plantations, brimming with wildlife of Munnar and taking pride in its mesmerizing scenic beauty this small, heavenly hill station nestled amidst God’s Own Country is surely a complete backpacker’s niche offering opportunities galore for going trekking and hiking along the rugged terrains and lush valleys.


When you have had enough of the crazy clutters and chaos that turns out to be an integral and intriguing part of this country, head for some moments of solace and bask under the sun amid the bewitching beaches of Goa. Foreigners frequent this place because of its lively hippie culture and the availability of delectable western cuisine made scrumptious with some fresh catches straight from the sea. While the sea gives water sports buffs incredible opportunities to go surfing, swimming, scuba-diving, windsurfing and paragliding over the azure waters the array of night clubs and beach parties offer you the perfect way to groove and have fun till the wee hours of the morning.

India is known for its forever cluttered streets buzzing with activity, India is also known for its mesmeric panorama of natural beauty. This is a place that backpackers from all over the globe would love, who doesn’t want a new adventure around every corner? You will return for sure to explore its beauty and gawk at its incredibility over and over again!


Satarupa is a chatterbox always on the move. While Amritsar is her personal favorite, she aspires to visit any place that can be romantic! A word-monger addicted to all things travel and to the awesome food she gets to lick on each trip.
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