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How To Recognize A Travel Website Employee

Six weeks back, I stepped unarmed into the world of WAH, apprehensive about my first job and nervous as hell. My time here has been full of laughter and light moments and even if i rack my brains i cannot come up with a single instance when I felt like I hated my job or(…)

Hand to Mouth - Through My Eyes And Oprah’s

‘So I hear some people in India still eat with their hands.’ Twelve words. A deafening silence. And then an outrageous uproar that resounded all over Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger and the rest of India. Other than Bollywood, the other thing that really gets our country going is anybody raising a finger (in this case,(…)

The Travel Memoirs of a Complicated Kid

‘Looking back on boyhood years, even unhappiness acquires a certain glow’.  – Ruskin Bond This excerpt from a poem I read in grade 12 comes back to me I sit here at my work desk, digging deep into my memory for stories I can share on our travel blog about  journeys and vacations from my(…)

‘We Cant Find Gappu Swamy Because’ Contest!

  This isn’t a story for the weak hearted. Neither is it a story for lovers. There is treachery in it, and also a few excel sheets. This is the story of Gappu Swamy. Historically, Gappu Swamy was a bright boy hoping to make his career in the field of travel writing. However, his atrocious(…)

Travel Terminology that doesn’t Exist but Should

Repuke – the act of consistently getting car sick and throwing up in spite of all the Allegra tablets your mummy makes you swallow. Packbacker – member of human race, generally female, whose luggage reaches such unacceptable proportions that she has to be turned away at the airport and is excluded from the ongoing tour.(…)

Love in the Time of No Cameras

Sean Connery famously said – “Love may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile.” In memory of this profound observation, here are some of the best love stories from around the world that you may or may not have heard of. Rome and Egypt – Entwined(…)

A Jaipuri Jaunt

“Beta are there lots of girls with you on the bus?” “Of course Ma”, replied the not-so-dutiful daughter as she stared at her traveling companions – four shorts-wearing, cigarette-smoking, excessively-giggling boys from college. I was going to Jaipur to witness authentic Eid celebrations at my friend’s house. Last minute  ditching by all my female friends(…)

Disney Movie Destinations Come Alive!

First heartbreaks are always the worst. Times like when you realize that Santa’s not real, the tooth fairy is a myth and no matter how long you hang precariously from a rope tied to your windowsill, Superman will not be flying to your rescue.  But like the benevolent soul that I am, I have conceded(…)