The author’s trysts, shenanigans, gaffes and battles with various degrees of danger as he traveled around the world.

Malana Diaries – Chapter 2 - Foreigners ka Show???

Our story began in the first chapter of Malana diaries with a shady innkeeper. You would recall we had stealthily slipped away from Local Hero’s lodge after catching him in his underpants. After that we trekked for an hour. Running. Looking back to see for pursuing SUVs. Nibbling on oranges. Fishing for sunscreen in bags.Trying(…)

Into Thin Air

Disclaimer: First book review, and no intentions to stick to a conventional format. - The first time I heard of Into Thin Air was when Reader’s Digest India put an extract of the same in its ‘Book Section’. That was over ten years ago, and though I never tried to search for the book, it never(…)

Up in the Air : Tales from Turkey

We sat around wooden tables shivering. The hot coffee did little to warm us. Each time someone opened the door the stinging chill of the morning rushed in. It was  cruel to have to get out of bed and breakfast at 5 am.  A little after half past five, a not so young yet not(…)