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At WeAreHolidays, Neeraj Narayanan is Head of the Content and Digital Media Team. He has a Masters in Advertising & Media Communication, has had experience as a Communication Consultant to the Government of Gujarat, and as a Brand man in the IT giant firm - Cognizant. On weekends, he conducts Heritage Walks in Delhi.

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How (and why) to go to Antarctica

Why should we go to Antarctica? Open a travel forum, and they shall tell you ‘for the ice capped glaciers, for the Emperor Penguins, for the unusual and pristine landscape and for its virgin nature.’  But is that only why we want to visit a land, where the weather can change in a matter of(…)

The Man who attempted to kill Adolf Hitler

In the November of 1938, a man took a train from Königsbronn to Munich. When he reached there, he made his way to Löwenbräu, a historic beer hall. As he weaved his way through the cavernous underground hall, all around him men were raising their mugs, cheering and lauding a mustached man standing in the(…)

It takes two to Tango

The first time I heard the word Argentina was while my father was watching a football match on our fourteen inch television, and I was sitting under his arm trying to do what men did. Watch the game I mean, not admire his armpits. They were running, all of them, in their striped white and(…)

The Chronicles of Kunzum Travel Cafe

The Chronicles of Kunzum Travel Cafe

The Hauz Khas village is still one of Delhi’s prettier areas. As most of my friends say, “It really does not look like Delhi at all,” with small French cafés, Lebanese and Oriental restaurants jutting out on both sides of one long-winding, thin road. Art galleries and stores selling vintage Bollywood posters too push their(…)