The Fabulous Fests of February

After a stony cold winter, February marks the beginning of Spring, as good a time as any to take off and experience some good ol’ culture. We’ve compiled a list of the best fests this February guaranteed to awaken all your senses. Carnivals Galore King Momo has declared the games open! It Mardi Gras, get(…)

What’s cooking this January? The ‘go to’ events to kickstart this year!

How’s your calendar looking this January? We’ve compiled a list of the most happening places to be at this January; rub shoulders with William Dalrymple, go on pilgrimage to (shopping) Mecca, watch a camel beauty pageant (unlike most other beauty pageants, they are looking for ‘least ugly’ rather than ‘most beautiful’!) It’s a new year(…)