Travelling in India

Malana Diaries – Chapter 2 - Foreigners ka Show???

Our story began in the first chapter of Malana diaries with a shady innkeeper. You would recall we had stealthily slipped away from Local Hero’s lodge after catching him in his underpants. After that we trekked for an hour. Running. Looking back to see for pursuing SUVs. Nibbling on oranges. Fishing for sunscreen in bags.Trying(…)

One Night at the Chowmallah Palace

  The 11th Conference of Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity has seen the host city Hyderabad get a facelift. Overnight, roads have been paved, widened and marked. Sculptures seem to have grown from the earth and colours of green, blue and yellow have merged themselves into artistic outlets to mask the graffiti alongside(…)