Yesterday during lunch at office, we were discussing how it was time that we all went on a holiday together. Think it’s time that we took a two day break, and go play near a waterfall ourselves, just like all our customers do.

The trick for a company organizing a trip for its employees is to find a place that is naturally scenic,   has interesting  activities,  has proper guides at hand, and  the entire organizing is done with absolute professionalism, point-to-point.

At the end of the day, you are spending money on your employees, so you want to make sure that they have a great time, and at the same time they thank the company for organizing such a trip.

So office decision makers, we present to you some of our top recommended corporate team outings in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.If you like any and need help booking them, all you need to do is pick up your phone and call us. Or just leave a comment on the post, and we’ll contact you.


1) Nature Knights Camp

(distance from Mumbai: 100 kms)

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Waterfall Rappelling in Vihigaon

We first explored Nature Knights Camp when we heard that they were organizing waterfall rappelling or canyoneering as the sport is also known.  Just think about it, walking up a cliff face that appears straighter and steeper with every step you take, and the only friend you have is the rope that you are holding on to. Not to forget, it is a waterfall you are challenging, and it is spraying you every moment of your climb.

Back to the story. Yes, so we took a look at the camp and they have some really fun activities they have planned for corporate team outings.  The team building activities are quite impressive, and not just the regular tug-of-war, lemon-and-spoon race variety. Besides canyoneering, they have kayaking, archery, raft building and white water rafting (don’t worry, they won’t make you raft on the boats you make!)  and even jungle camping.  The camp is itself in a beautiful location and you can spend the nights with your friends star gazing, sitting besides the river or just huddling around the bonfire.

2)      Nirvana Adventure Camp, Kamshet

(Distance from Mumbai: 85 kms, Pune: 110 kms)

Paragliding over Kamshet

Sitting tight in the Western Ghats, ten kilometers off the twin hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala is Kamshet.  And there is a reason why we bring you here.

Kamshet is one of India’s best destinations for paragliding, and it’ll probably be your favourite part of this team building vacation, considering that all you see when you are flying is miles and miles of the Ghats.

The property is brilliant – Native Place is a beautiful guest house, and wherever you stand in this one acre property, you have a postcard image view in front of you – the Vadivali lake, and the lush Ghats as a backdrop.  The team activities include tandem paragliding, valley crossing, rock climbing, swimming in the lake, and briefing sessions on map reading, using a compass, cooking in the wild, building a bonfire and how to choose a campsite.
Later at night, well lets just say you’ll be partying late into the night once you get here.


3)      Ankola Beach Stay

(Time taken from Bangalore: overnight journey)

Next up, we have a short Beach Vacation that we have planned for corporates.  Lying on the Western Coast, right next to Gokarna,  is the seaside town of Ankola. Just like Gokarna, here too the beach is backed up by a series of cliffs, making for some exciting treks.

There are a host of activities we have for you here.  Take a kayak and head out into the sea, or race your mates inside one of the lagoons. Then there is body boarding where you can lie flat on the surf board and ride the waves. What we usually do, is wait for a friend to ride the board and when a ferocious looking wave creeps up from behind and shocks the bejesus out of the startled fellow, quickly click a photograph of the ‘wave-molested’ guy.

Other team activities include beach games, volleyball, jungle survival, tent pitching, spider web, paintball, Ice Walk etc.

On day two, the team will also be taken to nearby Yana, a small town which has unique and strange rock formations – black calcite limestone cliffs.  To reach there, we have to park our vehicles at a forest, from where we begin the trek to the rocks. The trek’s fantastic, a canopy of trees covers the entire route, there are streams and waterfalls flowing nearby, and once you reach the cliff, it’s an adventure in itself!

4)   Xtreme Zone , Manchinbele

(Distance from Bangalore: 50 kms)

Manchal Bele lake

If you are looking for just a day trip team building exercise, and not an overnight one, we have tied up with an adventure outfit  in Manchinbele,  a one and a half hour drive from Bangalore.  The camp is set besides the Manchal Bele lake in the Savandurga forest.

A premier adventure sports company, they have a full set of sports activities including canoeing, kayaking and paintball.  Also, in their list are a number of fun activities like ‘Human Ladder’ where you have to guide your team over a ‘poisoned plot’ (heh, of peanut butter),  ’Spider web’ where you have to move between spaces in trees without getting entangled in webs, ‘Toxic Waste’, ‘King’s Finger’ etc.


5)    Camp Chrysalid,  Junga

(Distance from Delhi: 345 kms)

Himachal and Uttaranchal make for obvious weekend breaks from Delhi.  But then who has not been to Shimla or Manali, Nainital or Mussoorie.  We wanted to find a place which was not as touristy, but had all the facilities that will make for a comfortable weekend break.

And then we found this camp at Junga, thirty kilometers from Shimla. Sitting pretty on a hill, it’s less than twenty kilometers from Chail and Kufri , both that get rave reviews from hikers.

The adventure activities include tyrolean traverse (using a rope to move from one point to another in free space), jumaring, waterfall rappelling, bouldering and trekking.  The camp has a list of fun, playful activities as well.

Pic: Jumaring at Camp Roxx in Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh (275 kms from Delhi)

6)   Aspen Adventures, Rishikesh

(Distance from Delhi: 225 kms)


One should always save the best for the last, eh?  The first time we heard about these folks was on Tripadvisor, and reviewers were going gaga over them. Of the 68 reviewers, 49 rate them as excellent, and at least ten fellows insisted that it was the best trip of their life.

Makes sense that we head over to Rishikesh and Aspen for our own offsite, eh?

This lush camps site sits next to a river and has lawns that’ll make you gush. The tents have all the amenities available, and the food, well let’s just inform you that the chef used to cook at the Hyatt earlier.  There are a host of adventure activities, and I am gearing up for bungee, cliff jumping and jungle safari.

That’s all for now, folks.  Coming up soon, a list of recommended team outing programs for Chennai and Kolkata. If you’d like to see more such posts, or if you’d like us to organize a group trip for you, the comments section is all yours, mate.

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