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Nishi Jain spent five years studying English literature at Delhi University, at the end of which she realized 'all art is useless'. Another two years editing novels and writing newspaper articles, and shouting herself hoarse in street plays, she realized erudition never got anybody anywhere. So, she took off and visited the four corners of India, came back, and announced that the best thing in the world was cheesecake. Now, she just writes, plays ping pong, and eats cake on the sly.

Posts by Nishi Jain:

Are you a Nineties Child?

Did you grow up in the nineties? The nineties was a good time to have lived in. Internet had just been invented, but of course we didn’t have email accounts then. Orkut and Facebook were nowhere near being born. One had limited access to television. A romantic movie meant Shahrukh Khan. Sundays mornings began with(…)

From Calcutta Slums to Australian Harbour: An Incredible Tale of Hope

This is the kind of stuff old Bollywood movies are made of. An innocent child separated from family, left to wander on the streets, transported to another continent, reunited three decades later. For Saroo Brierley, it was no movie. It was a struggle for identity. A painstaking process that relied heavily on hazy memories and(…)

Quirky Restrooms Across the World

Doing your business is serious stuff.  Sitting on the pot can be one of the most epiphanic experiences of your life. That’s where creativity strikes at its best. So isn’t it only fair that we have some food for thought whilst doing the oh-so-serious business? Whether or not you agree with the idea, there are(…)

8 Most Clichéd Tourist Photographs

8 Most Clichéd Tourist Photographs

They are the biggest clichés but also the most popular poses among tourists. You do have a picture of yourself holding the Taj Mahal by its tip, right? Pushing back back the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Kissing the sphinx? We have all been there, done that. If you are thinking boring clichéd photographs of tourists, then(…)

Malana Diaries – Chapter 2 - Foreigners ka Show???

Our story began in the first chapter of Malana diaries with a shady innkeeper. You would recall we had stealthily slipped away from Local Hero’s lodge after catching him in his underpants. After that we trekked for an hour. Running. Looking back to see for pursuing SUVs. Nibbling on oranges. Fishing for sunscreen in bags.Trying(…)

Types of Travellers

Types of Travellers

We are all silly and pretentious in some way or the other. Each with a unique set of eccentricities. And those peculiar traits of our character bubble up when we travel. That’s the beauty of travel. You just cannot not be yourself. Here’s a list of some stock traveller types. Some annoying, some pitiable, some(…)