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'For the love of words,' Preeti squeals, 'let me write!' Having tried her hand at writing for a wedding magazine, following a rewarding stint as travel editor, she currently toys with grammar concepts till the sun goes down everyday. Books are her first love. She also enjoys travelling, cooking, and collecting interesting pieces of worded beauties.

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Best Places to Visit in and around Mumbai

Lights, camera, action… these three words most accurately describe the scintillating city of dreams. Home to the biggest and the most unapologetically ostentatious cinema industry, Bollywood, Mumbai is a galaxy of stars that shine a different light. If you are bitten by the hitchhiker bug, feel free to get hold of a spacious knapsack, load(…)

Candlelight Romance: The Lantern Festival of Thailand

One of the most spectacular sights in Thailand is the Lantern festival which sees a thousand lanterns being launched in the air, carrying within themselves thoughts, hope, and a million wishes. A sky studded with glittering lights afloat in beautiful unison is the stunning sight thus formed. Popularly known as the Lanna Yi Peng festival,(…)

Lucknow: A City Charmed

A land of glory imbued in the culture of its glorious past, A land of tales, told untold every so often, of a history that will forever last. Lucknow, as we know it, is the city of dreams, of unfulfilled pleasures, of echoes of distant past, entrenched in colours of Mughal glory. A city to(…)