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Exotic sun kissed islands, paradisaical blue water ebbing along white sand, amazing marine ecosystems, the perfect holiday destination. Just a little (read LOT) heavy on the wallet especially if you are looking to honeymoon in Maldives.

Unlike bumming on a beach in the ‘Western’ world, the Maldives are slightly different. A nation of Muslim majority, there are certain local customs and traditions that need to be respected. Yes, the islands are virtually financed by tourists from the nude beaches of Europe and the Americas; but there is a certain amount of modesty that needs to be observed for a hassle free holiday. And we want you to have the safest, funnest, holiday. So, we’ve compiled a list of things that you should probably not do when you’re in the islands.

Do not take off your Tee

The beach is definitely one of the best places to get tanned, there’s no arguing with that. And lots of us prefer to do it topless for an even colour without the white strap lines. Taking off your top or tee shirt in the Maldives is a complete no-no (read NO-NO). Come on folks, it’s an Islamic country. You can roam around in your bikinis inside the resorts and on their privately owned beaches if any, but in public one is expected to be decently clothed; a tank top and shorts will do just fine.

Do not bring alcohol with you

It’s not easy to find alcohol in the Maldives, it’s against the law to drink in public spaces. Of course, all resorts and luxury properties serve alcohol, but heavily overpriced. You just have to make your peace with it. Bringing alcohol into the country, even airport duty-free bought is not allowed. There is usually a good deal of checking and it’s not worth your while to deal with the consequences of ‘smuggling’ alcohol into the country as that is what you’ll technically be doing.

Do not pack shoes

You will require shoes at no time during your vacation in the islands, unless of course you’re there for business which in itself is highly unlikely. Sand gets in your shoes, water gets in your shoes; they’ll just make you uncomfortable. Heels too are impractical; carry them only if you are a little obsessed with them and absolutely must. Wear flip flops or water friendly sandals, they won’t restrict you in the slightest.

Do not forget sunscreen

It’s way too expensive at the hotel gift shop. And you’d burn without it. It’s so essential that it’s right on top in the Maldives Tourism brochures.

Do not disrespect local customs

This applies to any new place that you’re travelling. To learn, accept and respect local customs and traditions is one of the best parts of exploring new places and cultures. It’s about adapting, being the bamboo tree. Being an egoistic oak tree will not get you anywhere. Isn’t that the point of travel anyway?

So once you’ve booked your Maldives holiday package, don’t forget to keep these things in mind !

As the newest member of the content team, Shivangi Rajendran comes from the world of professional dancing. With a passion for travel and a flair for writing, the Masters in Mass Communication is just an added advantage. A gypsy at heart, she doesn’t believe in planning and is always ready to pack her bags and leave.

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