August, 2012

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The fun is not over in London!!

  In the last two months or so, London has been one party place what with the summer Olympics holding centrestage, but even in its aftermath the fun refuses to stop. For taking place now is Europe’s biggest street festival – the Notting Hill Carnival. Held over two days in August every year (Bank holiday [...]

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First AC Double Decker Train between Delhi Jaipur launched today2

  The much hyped first AC double decker train between Delhi and Jaipur is all set to embark on its maiden journey today. The train, which will run daily, will cover the distance in four and a half hours. Every day, the train will leave Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla station at 5:35 pm and reach Jaipur [...]

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Woman sleeps over 12,000 kms on flight, returns to starting point!

  In a bizarre turn of events, a woman slept through for 18 hours on a flight and woke up only when the plane had returned to its origin point, Lahore. Bound for Paris on a PIA flight, Frenchwoman Patrice Christine Ahmed slept so soundly that she did not realize when the plane had actually [...]

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New passport 30 days is all it takes!

  Good news, people! The Ministry of External Affairs has declared that all new passports will henceforth be issued within a maximum of 30 days. The time limit for re-issue of passports has been restricted to 15 days, and Tatkal applications - one to seven days. Not just that, all regional passport offices will now [...]

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WAH Travel Quiz How well do you know your country!

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WAH Travel Quiz1

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Vietnam Airplane Bikini Show

  In a bizarre turn of events, a Vietnamese airline VietJetAir organized an in-flight bikini show and was subsequently fined 20 Million Dong (611 British Pounds) for the same. The airline had hired five models, all of whom were contestants in a recent Vietnamese beauty contest, to perform a three minute Hawaiian dance in the [...]

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London rates are falling down, falling down

The London Olympics have come to an end, and it’s not just the audience who’d have liked it to continue for a few more days.  As the games came to an end, hotel rates all over London have plummeted, with several hotels now operating at 60 percent of the costs that they were charging in [...]

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Spear Cartoon 3742

  1) You are in Goa, walking on the sands of the beautiful Baga beach. You choose to wear: A pair of shorts and, well, nothing on the top. You spent six months in the gym and by Jove, the world just has to see your biceps. A bright spaghetti top and a matching sarong. [...]