Be Ready for the Tallest Drop!
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Do you have Vertigo or Acrophobia? Do you get dizzy and nauseous when you look down from tall buildings? Then this certainly is not your cup of tea!

Zumanjaro – Drop of Doom will become the biggest drop ride on this planet, with a fall height of 415ft!


The ride is located in the middle of yet another marvel ride - Kingda Ka roller coaster, also the world’s tallest. The drop tower will hoist the riders 415 feet into the sky, twice as high as the Statue of Liberty, and rocket them back to the Earth at 90 mph while the Kingda Ka trains will be launched directly towards them at a speed of 128 mph.

Talk about adrenaline rush and this one will give you one, a long lasting one!

Some facts about Zumanjaro:

  • It is as high as 40 stories
  • Each drop tower will feature a gondola with eight riders
  • You will fall to the Earth at 85 adrenaline-charged miles per hour

Opening on May 16, 2021 at New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure, it will be the ultimate free fall- you might not even get a chance to scream for those 90 seconds of plummet!

Take a leap of faith, get high, and fall like you don’t care!

Komal Jain

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