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By Shivangi On 5 Jun, 2014 At 07:38 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
brazil cove

So you’ve been talking about it forever and you tried making plans but nothing really worked out? Well, that’s ok, it’s happened to a lot of us and besides, it’s probably better this way. Who wants to be stampeded in the crowds and get cursed by the Brazilians, who apparently aren’t very pleased with the [...]

By Shivangi On 14 May, 2014 At 05:30 PM | Categorized As International, Need to Know, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments

Imagine no street lights at night! Instant images of gory car crashes coming to mind? Think positive – just imagine all the energy that would be saved. What are we talking about? A first of its kind glow-in-the-dark smart highway spanning 500 meters that requires no street lights. This is the first time that the [...]

By Simrat Ahluwalia On 12 Mar, 2014 At 06:22 PM | Categorized As International, Need to Know, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
These guys are really serious about going 'International'

Parading the streets during the Mardi Gras festival and nowhere to pee? The gods of “crapitalists” can make life easier for the desperate! Two New Orleanians have developed a web-based application called Airpnp similar to the popular holiday rental website Airbnb. Instead of renting cozy accommodation, people can rent out their lavatories.   The quirky [...]

By Komal Jain On 21 Feb, 2014 At 01:03 PM | Categorized As International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments

Large nerdy glass frames are in fashion these days. Fit a small computer onto it and experience the world as never before. Google never fails to impress us with its tech coolness quotient. The latest buzz is the Google glass, a wearable computer that can be used as a hands-free and can be given voice [...]

By Komal Jain On 23 Jan, 2014 At 05:14 PM | Categorized As India, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
I'm leaving on a seaplane...

Tourists visit Mumbai to see the queen’s necklace at night, to watch the towering Gateway of India on the coast, for the delicacies of batata vada and cutting chai, for a quick ride in the local trains. Well, the list just got longer. The city of dreams may soon have seaplanes flying over it!  The [...]

By Meghna On 2 Jan, 2014 At 03:45 PM | Categorized As International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
self boarding

How many times have you found yourself standing in line at the airport, waiting to board your flight as you witness the usual cutting-the-queue antics of first-timers, encounter  ‘accidental’ nudges from the greasy-looking man standing behind you or develop a pressure to pee for the 17th time when you had just taken a leak? Singapore’s [...]

By Meghna On 12 Dec, 2013 At 05:47 PM | Categorized As International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
ecig hearthrow

If you did your bit of good for the world’s ecology by switching to e-cigarettes, London’s Heathrow airport is all set to acknowledge that effort with the opening of the world’s first e-cigarette lounge inside Terminal 4. This zone is a special place for smokers who choose to soothe their nicotine cravings the eco-friendly way, [...]

By Meghna On 2 Dec, 2013 At 11:11 AM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
The Tour Builder homepage

Storytellers always have the world at their feet, ready to be molded and carved as their imagination dictates. Google Earth has taken this idea a bit too seriously (and delightfully so!) with the release of the Tour Builder maps feature, which allows users to drop markers across the world map and put in their stories [...]

By Meghna On 23 Nov, 2013 At 02:05 PM | Categorized As Getting Around, Humour, International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments
Kitne hue?

As Russia gears up for the upcoming February 2014 Olympics, a certain Moscow subway station has found a rather peculiar way of getting into the spirit of things. For thirty squats, passengers can get a free ride on the metro! A special squat censor has been installed on one of the ticket vending machines at [...]

By Nishi Jain On 9 Nov, 2013 At 03:01 PM | Categorized As Buzz in Town, Celeb Spotting, International, Travel Tech | With 0 Comments

“Please fasten your seat belts and switch off your mobile phones.” What do you usually do when the air hostess is carrying out this boring safety instructions drill before the flight? You fancy the air hostess doing a Beyonce as she toys with the seat belt? You try to spot a hot-looking dude or dudette [...]